Gators struggle at home against Calvin, lose season series 2-1

#13 Jaylan Triplett-Bell watches his pitches. Photos by Ethan Smith

By Ethan Smith, exclusive to the Times

The Lakeview Gators played a home varsity baseball game against Calvin, Tuesday March 26. The Gators have already played the Cougars twice this season, winning one and losing the other. So, this was their final bout of the year. #14 Kadon Cook took the mound for the Gators, and had great command over his pitches.

#14 Kadon Cook threw 119 pitches striking out seven.

Throwing strikes throughout the entire game, Cook didn’t walk a single batter while he struck out seven. An outstanding ratio, but sadly his fielders couldn’t help him out on the hits he allowed. The Gators had five errors that night, and his outfield allowed many extra-base hits. It just seemed there wasn’t much effort on the defensive side.

At the plate though, Lakeview put the ball in play, scoring seven runs on nine hits. The Gators also had major success while base running, stealing a whopping 12 bases. The leaders at the plate were #13 right fielder Jaylan Triplett-Bell, who went 2-3 with four stolen bases, and Cook who went 3-3 with a triple, and three stolen bases. Sadly, those efforts weren’t enough as the Gators lost 15-7.

Lakeview now has a season record of 6-8. Hopefully, success in the upcoming district games will push the Gators to a higher seed in the playoffs.