Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for March 30, 2019


While we all love our NSU Demons, many in our community have an equal love for all things LSU. So when it came up this week that LSU might need a new basketball coach it was no surprise that sports prognosticators said LSU should consider a person with deep Louisiana roots, an All-American collegiate player and successful head coach. The surprise was that they were talking about Kim Mulkey Robertson, head coach of the Lady Baylor Bears. So when she was brought into the conversation about the idea…..she gave a pretty convincing argument as to why she would be a great selection.

She wasn’t lobbying for the job but said her roots in Louisiana sports are deep, from Hammond High School to a member of the Lady Techsters National Championship Team, an assistant coach at La. Tech, successful seasons and a National Championship as Baylor’s Head Coach, and a son who started for the LSU baseball team. And more importantly… no issues with the NCAA in her career. Her resume certainly fits the bill as to what any program would want in a head coach. Don’t forget, you’ve got men who are coaching ladies teams across the country and we have women as assistant coaches in the professional level for men’s teams. It makes sense to JT.


Election of our area State Senators and Representatives to the Louisiana Legislature in October is perhaps the most critical decision we have faced in decades. That’s because during the next four-year term our lawmakers will be drawing new district lines. In the days of Senator Don Kelly and Representative Jimmy Long, all of Natchitoches Parish was their district. In their wake, former Senator Mike Smith and Gerald Long of Winnfield and Rick Nowlin as representative, caused us to be carved up into two Senatorial districts and are now a part of three more representative districts.

That, in itself, shows you the power Natchitoches Parish once had in the legislature. While we appreciate the work of those legislators helping us in Natchitoches Parish, our communities need to reclaim its boundaries and have local representation. We can’t and shouldn’t continue to be carved up in the legislature to meet some quota because other parishes have lost significant population. This re-districting will affect our Washington representation also. Remember, not too long ago we lost a House of Representative member because of this population shift. The best way to keep from getting diced up anymore is to get hometown people elected.


A major weekend is in store for our community as two popular events return. The Girls Weekend starts Friday and runs through Sunday of next week while the Melrose Arts and Crafts Festival will be Saturday and Sunday, April 6-7, on the beautiful grounds of Melrose Plantation. This is the time of year Natchitoches Parish is at its best…in beauty and activity.