NJH-FRJ Indians celebrate accomplishments at banquet


By Marco Clark, exclusive to the Times

The Indians celebrated their season accomplishments at a football banquet with family, friends and coaches. The night began with Coach Jeremy Martin opening the banquet. Coach Davin White introduced the coaching staff. Head Coach Brian Young welcomed guest speaker Natchitoches native, former college and pro football player Demard Llorens who delivered a heartfelt story of how he persevered through pursuing his dreams of playing college football and fulfilling his dreams of making it to the NFL.

He emphasized how even though he was not offered a scholarship, he attended school as a regular student and a walk on athlete. Llorens said he thought of throwing in the towel but after talking to family members and coaches like Davin White he chose to continue pursuing his dream. While maintaining a high GPA and staying in the gym, the call came for his opportunity to become an active member of the football team while earing a scholarship in the process.

Llorens answered the call, allowing him to showcase his skills that impressed NFL scouts enough to earn a spot in the National Football League. NCHS senior and University of Louisiana at Lafayette signee Albert Gillie gave words of encouragement to the young men getting ready to enter high school. Gillie emphasized the importance of work in the classroom. Coach Young introduced the NJH dance line head coach, Shantonesia Below. Below spoke on how well the dance line members were to coach.

Young then announced the awards to close the evening.