Some NPSB bus drivers on/may strike


A robo call has been issued from the Natchitoches Parish School Board stating a select number of bus drivers have chosen to strike today, April 5.  Ecco has assured parents their children will be transported safely. They ask that parents be patient as drivers split routes to ensure children get home.


With school bells about to ring releasing students for the weekend there is a possibility some might be late getting home because of a bus drivers walkout.

Superintendent of Schools Dale Skinner told the TIMES this afternoon there is a possibility not all bus drivers will show up. He said they have been in discussions all day and believes their efforts will see some drivers back on the buses.

He said they really wouldn’t know the gravity of the situation until buses actually arrive at the school.

Skinner said the School System has sent out notification to parents through the robo call system advising them of the situation. He stated if a parent could pick up their child from school that would be best. However, if a bus does not show up, Skinner said the children would be supervised at the school until they could get the child home.

Skinner said the buses are leased to Ecco and they are working with the company to resolve the driver issues

The Times has witnessed some buses leaving the Maintenance and Transportation Yard at the corner of South Drive and Parkway Drive.