1938 alum and Cotton Bowl veteran’s memorabilia donated


Who knew that a St. Mary’s football team played in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas and carries the distinction of being the first Louisiana prep team to play there? That’s among the information given to the St. Mary’s Alumni and Friends Association with the donation of memorabilia from the family of an alumnus of St. Mary’s and member of that 1938 football team, Jack Cloutier.

From left are Coach Aaron York, Principal Andrea Harrell, Payne Williams and Jack Cloutier’s daughters, Jacque Cloutier Glomb and Mona Cloutier McKinnerney, presenting their late father’s letterman jacket to the school.

Alumni Association member Payne Williams says Cloutier’s daughters presented not only Cloutier’s letter jacket but also a 1940 graduation invitation, several photos of the class and football teams and reunion photos. Jack Cloutier was raised at Oaklawn Plantation.

While attending St. Mary’s, he was a member of the high school football team from 1937-1940. In 1938, the St. Mary’s football team defeated St. Joseph’s High School of Dallas in the Cotton Bowl, which had been constructed in 1930 in Dallas, Texas. St. Mary’s has the distinction of being the first Louisiana prep school to play in the Cotton Bowl. During World War Il, Cloutier enlisted in the Army Air Corps and served for almost five years with the 5th Air Force in Australia, New Guinea, Biak Island and the Philippines.

The cutline under the picture of the 1938 St Mary’s Academy football team of 1938 says the team was as unpredictable as they were victorious.On first row from left are Ellis Wallenberg, Joe Mondello, Pete Hughes, Joe Salim, Theophile Scott and Jack Cloutier. On second row are Alonzo Mayeaux, Latief Ackel, Philip Milo, Frank Maricelli, Howard Foggin, Daniel Grappe and Pat Willis. On third row are Junior Broussard, Bernard Grappe, Billy Rue, Steve Brown, Lonnie Dunckelman, Rod Wimberly and Coach Faize Malifouz. Water boys, in foreground, are Raymoral Perot, left, and Ray Scott, who later served as Mayor of Natchitoches.

After being honorably discharged, he attended the University of Texas and in 1950, graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture. On June 17, 1950, he married Madlyn Hajek in Shiner, Texas and they moved to Baton Rouge, where Cloutier worked for J. Roy Haase, Architect. Cloutier later moved to Shreveport and became an associates architect at Walker and Walker Architects.

Members of the Class of 1940 at St. Mary’s Academy returned for a reunion July 17, 1976. From left are Joyce Rivet Helland, Ray Scott, Aileen Sompayrac Keran, Karam Thomas, Virginia Anderson Bruce, Alonzo Mayeaux, Mary Joy Payne Angle, Jack Cloutier, Mary Poleman Keyser and Jack Colton.

In 1960, he and his family moved to Shiner, where he opened an architectural firm, which he continued until his death on Feb. 8, 2007. Cloutier’s daughters, Jacque Cloutier Glomb and Mona Cloutier McKinnerney, recently traveled from their homes in Texas to St Mary’s and donated the memorabilia to the school The St. Mary’s Administration and Alumni and Friends Association are attempting to create a permanent memorabilia display area.

Returning in 1976 for a reunion were members of the 1938 St. Mary’s Academy football team that went to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. From left are Frank Maricelli, Ned Henry Sr., Alonzo Mayeaux, Theophile Scott, Joe Salim, Bernard Grappe, Coach Faize Mahfouz Marion Shivers, Lonnie Dunckelman, Karam Thomas, Jack Cloutier and Ray Scott.

If you have memorabilia you would like to donate, contact Payne Williams at (318)352-6695 or willwill@cp-tel.net.“Our Dad was very proud of his education at St. Mary’s. His letter jacket held special memories. He and our Mother stayed in touch with classmates and enjoyed their visits to Natchitoches. We appreciate the passion Mr. Payne Williams and the staff at St. Mary’s have shown in sharing our quest to learn more about our Dad’s life in Natchitoches.” Jacque Cloutier Glomb