Bottom line doesn’t balance; Water system realigns with new board


By Juanice Gray, Natchitoches Times editor, and Barbara Holland, Coushatta Citizen editor

When cash flow in a business doesn’t add up, investigations happen. That is the situation with Fairview–Union Water System which covers portions of Red River and Natchitoches Parishes.

The system’s operator, Donald “Bo” Messick has been under investigation since accountant Kylie Shaw released the 2018 Profit and Loss statement in January. Several items raised red flags. Since then, Messick has been dismissed from his position, however no charges have been filed.

Over 75 people attended the water system annual membership meeting Thursday, April 11. Board members Ronnie Cox and Linda Davidson said Fairview Union was the largest water system in the area with over 780 meters. They stated employee Dana McCoy was named operator following Messick’s dismissal.

Profit and Loss statements and balance sheets for 2018 were provided to attendees. Concerns were raised about several items, including amounts for $133,622.12 in salaries, $63,640.36 in repairs, $200,978.78 in supplies and $684.73 for meals and entertainment.

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