Student work featured in New Media Showcase


Students filed into Northwestern State University’s Hanchey Gallery for the Student Media Showcase reception Wednesday, an event that has doubled in size since last year’s opening. Drs. Paula Furr and Ron McBride, faculty in the Department of New Media, Journalism and Communication Arts, announced winners from each category.

Over 50 pieces entered the showcase. Instructor Emily Zering and McBride, co-coordinators of the event, were in awe at the amount of work submitted.

“We expect every photograph entered to tell a story, and I tell you what:  there are 50-plus stories up there that were told beautifully,” McBride said.

The showcase has endured many growth points throughout its journey besides size and location, with new categories including cellphone and DSLR as well as a People’s Choice award.

In the cellphone category, the winners were Chase Slater, first; Jaci Jones, second, and Katie Baronne, third.

Accordingly, the DSLR category winners were Christian Boudreaux, first; Dhaija Smith, second and Slater, third.

Boudreaux, a junior, submitted about 25 pieces for consideration and had 12 enter the showcase. Out of all the pieces he submitted, his winning photo, “Whiplash,” was his favorite.

Junior Katie Baronne won Best of Show for her photo “Natural Beauty,” a piece she created for a photo essay in McBride’s photojournalism class. Baronne entered the shot per recommendation of McBride, not making any plans to win, but she was still overjoyed.

Students voted sophomore Dhajia Smith’s “Broken Reality” for the People’s Choice award. Smith was happy both of her favorite pieces placed in the competition.

“I like to be really creative and stand out from everyone because I’m not like everyone else,” Smith said.

Smith’s second place winner in the DSLR category was “Beyond the Sky.”

“In Natchitoches, every single building is recognizable, but I wanted a photo that wasn’t,” Smith said. “So when I took the photo of Valentina, I found an angle of the building that was just visible enough for me to remember where it is.”

Zering helped start the event to showcase the communications students’ work specifically in a gallery setting.

“A lot of students feel like they’re not really artists. I wanted to provide them with an opportunity to show their work to the public and the rest of the university,” Zering said. “This is something for them to work for. It’s not work created just for a grade; there’s a place where it can be considered for award and public admiration.”

The Student Media Showcase will be open in Hanchey Gallery through April 28.

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