NSU addiction studies program ranked in top 10 for quality, affordability


The Bachelor of Science in Addiction studies at Northwestern State University has been named among the top online programs for both quality and affordability according to the website guidetoonlineschools.com.

The program was ranked as the fourth best online bachelor’s substance abuse counseling degree and fifth for affordability.

In determining the top programs, the website researched tuition rates online and received median salaries by PayScale and reflect the reported mid-career (10+ years of experience) salaries of alumni from each school. Tuition data and median salaries were then entered in an ROI formula to determine rank order. The median salary for a Northwestern State graduate in addiction studies after 10 years was determined to be $71,800 a year.

A bachelor’s degree in addiction studies offers an understanding of the human mind, addictive behaviors and advances in addiction counseling.  Students have the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing job fields. Addiction Studies graduates typically work as addiction counselors.

“The addiction studies degree program at Northwestern State has endeavored to provide a quality education to those wanting a bachelor’s degree in the area of addiction studies,” said Associate Professor of Psychology Joseph Biscoe, who is director of the Louisiana Addiction Technology Transfer Center. “A trained educated workforce is what the field of addiction is demanding. The addiction studies program provides the foundation for certification and/or licensure as an addictions counselor.

Biscoe said the program has a diverse population of students that ranges from young to mature and entry level through individuals with doctorates.

“All students are seeking additional knowledge, skills and understanding of addiction. Students in the degree are not only located regionally, but also nationally and internationally,” he said. “One of our students recently mentioned, ‘I have been a minister for the past 20 plus years and if I would have had this knowledge, I would have been able to assist others in a more productive and powerful way.’ Another student, a high school teacher, mentioned, ‘The information provided in the courses work as allowed me to work with my students in the classroom with greater understanding and create a healthy environment due to some of the challenges they face at home and in society.’”

The Northwestern State addiction studies degree is offered online and face-to-face. It is also supported by the South-Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center. For more information on Northwestern State University’s addiction studies program, go to psychology.nsula.edu.