$450,000 allocated to alleviate Provencal overcrowding

The district winners of Teacher of the Year in Natchitoches Parish are, from left, Kathy Canerday, Lakeview High; Shelli Adams, Marthaville Jr. High; and Catherine Johnson, East Natchitoches Elementary. Johnson was recognized as a model teacher who was an integral part of the leadership team at her school. Lakeview Principal William Hymes said Canerday went from teacher to assistant administrator because of her exemplary work effort and willingness to help others. Adams was described as being “amazing and very efficient” while being modest and humble and a team player.

Principal, Teachers and Support Persons of the Year recognized

By Carolyn Roy

The school at Provencal will get a financial boost to alleviate overcrowding following action at the school board Monday. The board voted to transfer $450,000 to the Provencal BRE maintenance fund from the Cloutierville BRE fund that has a balance of about $600,000. What remains in the Cloutierville fund will be used to secure the school buildings. The BRE money is accumulated through a tax.

Provencal school board member Russ Danzy has requested the transfer for several months following the influx of students who previously attended the school in Cloutierville that was closed in May 2018. When the school closed, it had an enrollment of 120 students, 90 of which were sent to Provencal. The remaining students were sent to city schools.

Danzy says there are now 94 students from the Cloutierville district at Provencal.