City Jailbook (May 25)


Natchitoches Police Department

Dinesha D. Landrus, b/f, 31, 500 N. St., K-3, resisting an officer, improper temporary tag, no driver’s license, expired inspection sticker.
Dwight Turner, b/m, 36, 1314 Berry Ave., theft.
Calvin Rainer Jr. b/m, 60, 500 N. St., Apt 56, FTA
Oliver Zacarias, w/m, 24, 600 Hancock Ave., loud music
Jermaine Rushing, b/m, 34, 745 5th St., violation of protective orders, damage to property.
Jamel Toliver, b/m, 20, 208 N. Melrose, simple criminal damage to property.
Kyana Coley, b/f, 27, 500 N. St., apt. Q1, simple criminal damage to property.
Jessica Shaw, w/f, 35, 100 N.Melrose Ave., theft
Frederick Johnson, b/m, 27, 1628 W. Court Drive, simple assault.
Dan Davenport, b/m, 48, 185 Laird Fletcher Road, theft
Temika Payton, b/f, 45, 420 Howell St., domestic abuse battery.
Darius Williams, b/m, 24, 180 Independence ST., trespassing
Any Bumker, w/f, 782 Fish Hatchery Road, trespassing.
Jacob Caldwell, b/m, 25, 5155 Duke Ave., 2 counts FTA
Adrian Middleton, b/m, 30, 740 Dixie St., open container, loud music.
S. Guy, b/m, 37, 1645 Berry Ave., 2 counts domestic abuse battery, serious bodily harm, child endangerment.
Myliseya Jones, b/f, 22, 319 Rowena St., disturbing the peace/language
Sir Jackie Neal, b/m, 23, 320 Rowena St, disturbing the peace/language
Demaris Davis, b/m, 27, 319 Rowena St., disturbing the peace/language
Tyler Evans, b/m, 18, 500 N. St., remaining after being forbidden
Lonnie Hamilton, b/m, 39, 131 Howell ST., interference.
Shirley Hughes, b/f, 18, 621 Hwy 1, Powhatan, interference, resisting, battery of a police officer, 2nd-degree battery.
Reginald Ford, b/m, 44, 110 Powell, DWI-1st, reckless operation, no drivers license.
Dennis Randolph, b/m, 54, 1328 Berry Ave., loitering.
Michael Raymond, b/m, 23, 1815 South Drive lot 1356, simple possession of marijuana.
Monique Turner, b/f, 36, fta
Charles Demars, b/m, 45, 606 Sabine Alley, loitering
Jerome Pier, b/m, 36,1200 South Bend, possession of ecstasy, marijuana (synthetic), obstruction.
Ashley Edwards, w/f, 32, 128 Eddie Edwards, Robeline, disturbing the peace by public intoxication.
Braden Barnes, w/m, 18, 350 Bill Ebarb Road, Noble, underage DUI, hit and fun, following too close
Sharon R. Jones, b/m, 48, 100 Maria Lane, 6 counts FTA
Brandon Jackson, b/m, 30, 1405 Amelia St., theft
Jamario Williams, b/m, 28, 1191 Dorothy St., ATF warrant-falsifying info to arms dealer.
DeCarey Reliford, b/m, 23, 175 Pasture Road, Campti, FTA
Cody Ried Foster, b/m, 34, 358 Gay Village Road, drug paraphernalia.
Premis Johnson, b/m, 19 723 Myrtle Drive, FTA
Darius Williams, b/m, 24, 120 Independence St., possession of CDS SCH. II (methamphetamine)
Tasley Lindsey, b/m, 41, 303 Carlos St, Houma, driving on right side of road, open container, simple possession of marijuana, possess of CDS Sch. II (meth)
Rico Cornelius Williams, b/m, 45, 120 Cedar Grove, reckless driving.
Taraneka Bush, b/f, 24, 249 Lake Drive, Campti, FTA
Ora Bell Lewis, b/f, 55, POIB 116, Natchez, remaining in places after being forbidden
Christopher Fisher, b/m, 46, 824 Dixie St., aggravated assault w/firearm and possession of firearm by convicted felon (Bienville Parish)
Derrick Demry, b/m, 36, 1404 Grace Ave., FTA
Ashley Moore, b/f, 28, 1120 Magnolia St., simple damage to property.
Kimberly Jackson, b/f, 44, 1120 Magnolia St., aggravated battery.
Brittny Parebar, b/f, 27, 1785 Fish Hatchery Road, theft, FTA
Keandra B. Milsap, b/f, 25, 629 Jackson Drive, theft
Devin Hamilton, b/m, 25, 819 July St., possession of sch. I and sch. II, illegal carry of firearms.
James Lofton, b/m, 72, 678 Allen Beulah, Robeline, discharge of firearm
Brandy S. Wiley, b/f, 38, 509 Prather ST., 2 counts negligent injuring, reckless operation, improper lane use, running red light, negligent homicide.
Frankie R. Petite, b/m, 34, 356 Rockford Church Road, aggravated assault.
Ronnie Jefferson, b/m, 54, 701 Ouida Drive, theft.
Lance Taylor, b/m, 34, 937 3rd St. B, aggravated assault
Sir Jackie Neal, b/m, 24, 149 Tennessee ST., 2 counts possession of drug paraphernalia, possession w/intent, simple possession.
Fredrick Mayes, b/m,49, 419 Grave Ave., illegal possession of stolen things.
Dmario Brewer, b/m, 38, 1800 Jones St., Apt. 6, Coushatta, no drivers license, driving under suspension, expired registration
Bryan King, b/m, 31, 105 Rowena St., simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple criminal damage to property.