Just Talkin’-Lagniappe for May 25


Abortion, firearms, education, the budget and cannabis; the Legislature is really weighing in on some heavy topics this session. Perhaps this can be attributed to this being an election year. Politicians want to make a stand to enhance their reelection campaigns and their overall resume. Some may be wanting to leave a lasting impression on the state as they are term limited out of office or just choosing not to run again. Whatever the case, JT sees this as an opportunity for the people to have their voices heard. At no time will the public’s opinion be so weighty as during election time.


JT saw the flag garden waving in the breeze on the downtown riverbank. Flags 12-18 inches tall may be placed beside or behind the ones already there until Friday, May 31. They may be placed to honor family members or friends lost while serving the country. If placing a flag, take a photo and send it to the Times editor at jgray@natchitochestimes.com for inclusion in a future edition.


JT has cash and he uses debit cards for transactions. He also uses trusted online methods to transfer money and pay bills and send money to family and friends. He’s got it. He understands all that. Where JT gets lost is when it comes to cybercurrency. Yep, that’s a thing. Bitcoins? JT thought that was a fictional term from the Harry Potter films, but nope. It’s real and the state legislature is dealing with laws to keep cybercurrency secure. Lawmakers in the House Commerce Committee discussed bills on boosting the state’s cybersecurity infrastructure and business opportunities to include virtual currencies just last week.

Efforts to strengthen cybersecurity have spanned across the state. At a ceremony at the Cyber Innovation Center in Bossier City last Tuesday, officials, including the governor, announced the creation of a cybersecurity education center to provide training and further resources. As technology advances, keeping information safe must adapt and adjust as well. JT thinks he’ll continue to trust the banks and credit unions and good old FDIC to protect his paychecks. Sometimes tried and true trumps new ideas. JT may even go back to using low tech cash for his transactions where he only has to worry about correct change.