NSU faculty member wins international award for research


A paper co-authored by Md Shahriar Jahan Hossain, an assistant professor of industrial engineering technology at Northwestern State University, won the Best Track Paper Award from the Third European International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management. The conference is organized by IEOM Society and will be held in July in Pilsen, Czech Republic.  The award will be presented on Thursday, July 25. Hossain co-authored the paper with Chelliah Aruun Vijayanathan and Bhaba R. Sarker of Louisiana State University.

The paper, “Optimizing Production Overtime Period and Backorder Quantity in Joint Production and Maintenance Scheduling,” develops a mathematical model for integrated production and maintenance scheduling to optimize backorder quantity. It is assumed that at the end of each uptime, deterministic preventive maintenance is scheduled to incur backlog to reduce inventory carrying cost. The overall incurred cost of the proposed mathematical model is derived and used as a basis for optimal determination of backorder quantity in joint production-inventory model. The proposed model is extended emphasis on increase in production rate accomplished through production overtime period. An optimal overtime production period (Tp’) is determined to minimize backordering cost per unit time in the joint production-inventory model. Wide variety of situations and effects are discussed for the extended production-inventory model. The model is validated with illustrating numerical examples, and sensitivity analysis to show the effectiveness and the robustness of the proposed integrated model.

Hossain earned his doctorate in industrial engineering from Louisiana State University under a fellowship funded by Louisiana Economic Development Assistantship (EDA) Program and joined Northwestern State’s faculty in January. He completed his bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees in industrial engineering. He has more than 10 years of academic research and teaching experience including more than five years of active teaching in industrial and manufacturing engineering. Hossain has authored or co-authored many journal and conference articles in operations research, supply chain, ergonomics, manufacturing, industrial environment, product design and artificial intelligence. His research works are recognized by international organizations through awards including IISE, AAER and IEOM. His current research interest includes manufacturing process optimization, operations research, lean production systems, supply chain management and inventory control. He is a member of POMS, IISE, INFORMS and IEOM society.

Md Shahriar Jahan Hossain