Just Talkin’ for May 30

Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Andrew Vallien'), Registered 1975, height 20 inches, bloom size 6 inches, Will not come true from seed

Driving around town, JT has noticed that once the first political sign appeared in someone’s yard, it just opened the gates for a long political season. Once the first one hit, all the other want-to-be’s had to not get left behind, so they’re getting their signs out too.

Since all the local courthouse crowd and the state officials are up for election, everybody’s yard will be covered by November when the first primary occurs. JT just wonders if there is going to be enough yards to hold all the signs?

Motel 6


JT was talking to old friend, attorney Andrew Vallien Tuesday, while working on a story about his father-in-law, the late Olivier Monette, a premier daylily hybridizer.

JT didn’t realize that daylily growers are such an exclusive society until he starting researching the flowers of which there over 20,000 varieties. Some varieties are not only expensive but extremely rare. Andrew said that his father-in-law, before he passed away in 1985, developed one variety that he named after him.

Fast forward to a courtroom in the Lafayette area in which Andrew was defending an aging man to help him retain his property rights. When he stated his name, the judge said, “Andrew Vallien. I have you in my garden!”

Andrew believes to this day that having a daylily named after him helped win the court case.

Times editor Juanice Gray got curious and Googled the Andrew Villein daylily. She was shocked to learn the daylily has grandchildren! Apparently daylilies are “bred.” JT didn’t know flowers had children and grandchildren, but according to garden.org, daylilies have a “Child Cultivar” and “Cultivar’s Parentage” database that explains the daylily genealogy.

JT just enjoys flowers, he doesn’t really want to know a whole lot about their….umm … after hours activities. Puts a whole new light on the term “hothouse!”