Parish and City Jailbooks


Noel R. Webb, b/m, 20, 1331 Washington St., Apr. 228, two counts FTA.
Royal Flakes Jr., b/m, 38, 295 Jordan Ferry, Coushatta, interference with an officer.
Penny Anderson, b/f, 55, 230 Fairgrounds, principle to theft, multiple traffic violations
Edward Weathers, b/m, 45, 515 Fairgrounds, simple possession of CDSI (marijuana)
Laterrion T. Aught, b/m, 18, 232 Melle St., no license, 3 counts FTA
Dedrick Ratliff, b/m, 47, 210 Rowena St., possession of Sch. I (marijuana)
Kathryn Messenger, w/f, 28, Cassidy Springs Road, Robeline, FTA
Jamel Toliver, b/m, 20, 208 N. Melrose, criminal trespass, failure to signal.
Terrion Farley, b/f, 18, 814 Jordan St., FTA
James L. Thrash, b/m, 47, 1417 Berry Ave., aggravated assault w/firearm, illegal carrying/use of a firearm, resisting, possession of a firearm by felon
Temika Payton, b/f, 45, 500 North St., criminal damage to property.
Darrell Garrett, b/m, 53, 107 Martin Drive, aggravated assault
Zwerick Hudson, b/m, 39, 820 Dorothy St., entry on or remaining after being forbidden
Philip Brown, b/m, 28, 518 Howard St., theft.
Carmesia L. Russell, b/f, 21, 3800 University Parkway, theft.
Chris D. Lynch, b/m, 42, 314 Prater St., FTA
Kydarius Brown, b/m, 18, 831 Salim St., shoplifting
Jolicia Williams, b/f, 20, 440 Fairgrounds, simple possession of marijuana
Donna Cooper, b/f, 21, 737 Bossier St., simple possession of marijuana
Charlene Beaudion, b/f, 33, 2924 Bennett Loop, theft, possession of CDS II, possession of drug paraphernalia, remaining, obstruction of justice.
John Demars Jr., b/m, 20, 1416 Northern St., domestic abuse battery, simple battery
Amanda Chatterten, w/f, 32, 714 South Stony Road, Apt. 1102, Irving, Dallas, Texas, resisting an officer/interference
Malik Metoyer, b/m, 22, 337 Greenville, Clarence, FTA
James Prudhomme, b/m, 18, 310 Cedar Grove Drive, contributing to the delinquency of minors.


Antoine Mitchell, b/m, 32, enalty for distribution or possession with intent to distribute narcotic drugs listed in Schedule I; possession of marijuana, possession of synthetic cannabinoids: Possession, Prohibited acts, Second or subsequent offense, Violations of registration provisions, Owner to secure registration, driver must be licensed, General speed law
Madison A. Pierce, w/m, 44, DUI-1st offense, driving on road laned for traffic, alcoholic beverage in vehicle.
Jimmy Thomas, b/m, 49, FTA
William Wren, w/m, 35, Resisting an officer, disturbing the peace/drunkenness
Carl Perkins, w/m, 26, Operating a vehicle while under suspension for certain prior offenses, Operating while intoxicated; second offense; penalties, Ignition interlock device offenses, Child passenger restraint system, Safety belt use; tags indicating exemption
Keshia Farley, b/m, disturbing the peace/drunkenness, Violation of protective orders, Domestic abuse battery
Sammy Rachal, b/m, Violation of protective orders, Resisting an officer, disturbing the peace/drunkenness
Frankie Bass, w/m, 39, Resisting an officer, Reckless operation of a vehicle, Aggravated assault, maximum speed limit, Stop signs and yield signs; penalties for violations, Driving on right side of road; exceptions.
Marcus Elkins, w/m, 24, telephone harassment
Teral Helsino, b/m, 45, public intimidation and retaliation, remaining, Resisting an officer, disturbing the peace/drunkenness
Javier Hernandez, h/m, 35, operating while intoxicated; first offense; penalties, Driving on right side of road; exceptions, driver must be licensed, Owner to secure registration
David Dale Jr., w/m, 37, Operating while intoxicated; second offense; penalties, Driving on roadway laned for traffic, Possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles