Parish Director of Public Works out of the office due to accident

Parish President Rick Nowlin states Director of Public Works, John Richmond, had an accident Friday, June 7 and as a result will be out of the office for a few days.  In his absence, Road Maintenance Supervisor Johnny Salard will be leading the crew in its road maintenance effort.
Anyone needing to report a road issue is requested to call either Salard or Jo Goodman at the highway department at 318-357-2200. Richmond will be in contact with the department by telephone.
At the time of the accident, Richmond was assisting a local contractor in the restoration of electrical service to the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame ceremonies on the downtown riverbank.  The generator for the reception tent had failed resulting in the loss of lighting and air conditioning. Richmond assisted the contractor in reconnecting the equipment to the City electric service.  When descending the steep bank, he fell and broke his leg.  The injury was a compound fracture and required surgery Saturday.
Nowlin and the parish thank him for his willingness to help where needed and wish him a speedy recovery.