Just Talkin’ for June 13, 2019


JT would like to caution readers about political polls being conducted. Such polls used to be anonymous. Now, the pollsters know who they are calling, even if it’s a recorded call. If you favor a candidate and say so, it’s tantamount to telling them who you plan to vote for. While that’s OK for some, it’s not for others. JT wonders about the accuracy of such polls since so many people are turned off by telemarketers and think the poll is just another one of those calling. It must be harder and harder to get an accurate representation of what voters are thinking.

And speaking of polls, JT hears there’s a local one running that has a two-parts. The first call is a negative narrative about the ills of Home Rule Charter (Parish Government), and the second call asks which form you prefer. The first one of course is designed to sway your opinion. Again, remember they know who they’re talking to. Rep. Frankie Howard, in whose district Sabine Parish is included, supported a bill in the house to erect signs designating Robeline as a speed trap.

JT hears that his constituents who live in Sabine Parish and work in Natchitoches Parish got him to support the bill. The legislation was aimed at municipalities that derive 50 percent or more of their revenue from speeding tickets. Thankfully, Sen. Gerald Long got the bill watered down to eliminate the words speed trap. JT has driven through Robeline for some 50 years now and has yet to get a speeding ticket. He knows he’s likely to be monitored so he is sure to adhere to the speed limit. Good advice for those folks traveling back and forth through Robeline.

And when JT travels to Shreveport, he knows there’s likely to be patrols at the Mansfield exit. Same for traveling south through St. Landry Parish. JT was amused at some of the rationale for supporting the bill that said sometimes people were ticketed for going 10 miles over the speed limit.


JT believes Frankie and other state legislators would better spend their time lobbying for crackdowns on big trucks and speeding cars on the interstates. Those big trucks have passed JT, who was going 75, like missiles. Same for speeding autos, particularly those from Texas and Florida.

As for the state getting a reputation for speed traps, now do you really think that will keep folks from visiting us?