The learning doesn’t stop for these kids this summer!

Second graders created the colorful feathers of the scarlet macaw, the rainforest bird, out of the outlines of their hands! On front row from left are Brooklyn Haskett, Madison Bayonne, X’Zyrion Benjamin, Corey Haskett and Liam Fuller. On back row are Harmonee Helaire, Layla Jemigan, Khyren Williams, Chandler Mitchell and Bentley Lard.

Children explore ‘the places they will go!’

By Hannah Richardson

It’s summertime, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops for these kids! They are participating in the Project 212 Camp, funded through the 21st CCLC grant, throughout the month of June at Natchitoches Junior High School. The camp is called, “Oh, The Places You Will Go.” It is a geography themed camp, but students in first through eighth grade are learning through the educational approach known as STEAM. Students focus on science on Mondays, Tuesday is for technology, Wednesday is engineering, they do art on Thursdays and Friday is math. During the first week for the camp, teachers taught about the rainforest. Last week, they focused on desert ecosystems. This week they learned about the oceans and the focus for the last week of June is the Arctic. While they learn about these different geological locations and their inhabitants, they do computer research on Tuesdays, participate in sports games throughout the weeks, check out books from the NPL’s Book Mobile every Monday and much more!