Just Talkin’ for June 21, 2019


JT’s faith in people is renewed often. Tuesday was no exception. He and a friend were having a sandwich at a restaurant on Interstate 49 and noticed a young adult male at the counter about to enjoy a fried catfish lunch.

JT and friend could smell the catfish and asked the young man if it was good. “I don’t know because this is my first time to eat it here. But there’s plenty. I’ll never eat it all. Why don’t you take a piece?” JT politely refused because his meal was on its way.

But the more he thought about it, the more impressed he was with the generous young man. His folks raised him right!

JT received the photo at left of a plaque in Silverton, Colo., from a friend who was lucky enough to be vacationing there. The plaque memorializes the importance of newspapers and the lengths people were willing to go to for them to have a newspaper.

It states:


The Silverton Standard & the Miner

The La Plata Miner newspaper began publication on July 10, 185, after newspaper pioneer John R. Curry managed to haul an old press by pack mule over Stony Pass. The Silverton Standard newspaper began operations in 1889. The two newspapers merged in 1922. Over the years, the newspapers have covered many important stories, including the slaying of Town Marshal Clayton Ogsbury on August 24, 1881, and the subsequent lynching of two members of the notorious Ike Stockton Gang.

The newspaper also reported on the St. Patrick’s Day snowslides of 1906 that killed some 20 miners in tech San Juans, the Gold King Mine fire that killed six in June 1908, and on the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19 that killed 161 people in Silverton, some 10 percent of the population. The Silverton Standard & the Miner is the oldest continually operated newspaper, and the oldest business of any kind, on the Western Slope of Colorado, telling the stories of a remarkable community of diverse people that at times prospered and at other times struggled to survive in a very hostile and isolated part of the world. Marked this fifth day of May, 2012.

JT has been Silverton, both by rail and by automobile and let me tell you it is quite the trek by either mode of transportation. The fact that Curry managed to lug a press through and over the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains speaks volumes of his determination and fortitude, as well a the inherent and never-ending need for a newspaper and it’s value to the communities it serves.

Northwestern Alum Holli Conway will relinquish her Miss Louisiana title Saturday night after putting in nearly 34,000 driving miles this past year. She’s been a great ambassador for the state and NSU.

JT hears her reign caused a little detour on her plans for New York City and Broadway. But reportedly, she has landed a spot in the Broadway musical “I Tina,” the story of legendary singer Tina Turner. ——- News that disgraced former Secretary of State Tom Schedler is suing the state is sickening. Schedler wants to recoup his part of the sexual harassment settlement the state paid out to a former state employee.

JT knows the state legislature has “tweaked” the laws relative to sexual harassment by state officials. JT would like to see that “tweak” become a “zero tolerance” policy. If a state worker is accused of sexual harassment, it should be all on the individual. No settlement on the state’s part. Just knowing a settlement from the state is on the table, doesn’t deter the guilty party or the accuser. If they are found not guilty of harassment then the state would step up and cover the expenses.

BUT…if they are guilty….the state pays nothing and the convicted foots the bill. ——-