Just Talkin’ for June 27, 2019


All this talk about going back to the Police Jury system has left JT scratching his head. We could very well have an election for a Parish President and a vote to eliminate that position on the same election ballot. Wouldn’t that be interesting? It got JT to thinking….every time we do stories on that subject there’s a lot of feedback from readers. The majority of the responses indicate it’s either those in charge or it’s certain councilmen/women that seem to be the problem.

Seldom do we see someone blame the form of government the parish operates under. JT has seen the Parish Council form of government in action in both Iberville and Ascension parishes. Iberville has had the same parish president where Ascension frequently kicks theirs out after a term or two. So while they may not like the Parish President, they like the President-Parish Council system.


If you enjoy reading about Louisiana politics, there’s a book scheduled for release July 1 by longtime state journalist Tom Aswell. It’s titled “Louisiana’s Rogue Sheriffs: A Culture of Corruption.” It’s his third book and shines the light on abuse, malfeasance, theft, gambling and prostitution and murder.

JT looked at the press release of some highlights of specific cases in the book, and determined who a few in the spotlight would be. And all the “honorees” were not from South Louisiana as you might suspect. As much as JT loves our Louisiana history and culture, he cant’ wait to add the book to his collection.


JT heard from editor Juanice Gray who attended the La. Farm Bureau convention in New Orleans last week as a media representative of the Piney Woods Journal. Country to the bone “where there’s room to breathe,” she says New Orleans is not her cup of tea, however she couldn’t stop singing the praises of her media host, Avery Davidson, the accommodations, meal and the efficiency of the awards ceremony.

Now JT wishes he had been there! Juanice said Davidson personally made sure all the media were taken care of from a delicious gourmet meal at the Palace Cafe to following up Monday with details and information she requested.

Juanice said the awards program should be used as a model for all awards ceremonies. It went off smoothly, with no lag time between awards, had huge screens on each side of the stage so the entire audience could see what was happening and acted as movie screens for videos during transition times and seating before the ceremony began. Numerous awards were expedited in 51 minutes flat without it seeming hurried. It also didn’t feel like cattle were being herded across the stage. Each recipient recieved their due time in the spotlight.

Congratulations to Natchitoches Parish Farm Bureau for attaining a three Gold Star award. Member Steve Roberts accepted the award. Juanice did tell JT there was one thing she won’t forget from the trip. She saw her first drag queen as she left the hotel!