NPD Jailbook for June 29, 2019


Sylvia Morrow, b/f, 72, 1112 Lake St., remaining after being forbidden.
Nekedra Rainey, b/f, 38, 1115 Lake St., disturbing the peace by fighting.
Charlotte Rainey, b/f, 36, 940 Lake St., disturbing the peace by fighting.
Bianca Rainey, b/f, 28, 251 Cherry Loop, disturbing the peace by fighting.
Alex Zeno, b/m, 37, 1415 Hwy 480, Campti, possession of sch. I, 7 counts possession of sch. II, possession of sch. IV.
Treston L. Wallace, b/m, 25, 1327 Hill Ave., simple possession of marijuana.
Redariw Lewis, b/m, 70, 123 Ellen St., FTA
Angle Reed, b/m, 26, 433 Coco Ave., Cottonport, FTA
Lashaka W. Rainey, b/f, 43, 12288 Michigan Ave., Roseland, simple possession of synthetic marijuana.
Sammie Rachal, b/m, 61, 1510 Mandell St., disturbing the peace by public intoxication.
MarQuis Raymond, b/m, 26, 100 Lakeview 203, FTA
Larry Edwards, b/m, 22, 920 Second St., Coushatta, interference with officers.
Robert Clark, b/m, 24, 2014 Lakeview Drive, resisting
Tanner Ryley Moran, w/m, 22, 2888 Hwy 494, DWI-first, open container, following too close, driving left of center, driving under suspension.
Henry E. Llorance III, b/m, 21, 221 Vienna Bend Drive, DWI-first
Michael Palmer, b/m, 35, 3357 Lakeside Drive, Shreveport, resisting by flight
Trevor D. Pier, b/m, 22, 1429 Hill Ave, resisting
Fredrick Benjamin, b/m, 45, 300 Parkway, possession of CDS II (crack) and second/subsequent offenses.
Oliver Zacarias, h/m, 24, 600 Hancock Ave, FTA
Angenique Paige, b/f, 27, 1322 Grace Ave., resisting
Imani Newman, b/f, 44, 1620 J.C. Deblieux, theft
Alex Zeno, b/m, 37, 1415 Hwy 480, Campti, telephone harassment.
Brandon L. Garrett, b/m, 42, 140 Beverly Rise, theft.
Corey Mims, b/m, 27, 106 Jason Lane, domestic abuse battery with child endangerment.
Elahja Ray Peace, b/m, 32, 500 North St., N6, resisting, theft
Darrell W. Garrett, b/m, 53, 500 North St, B2, 2 counts simple burglary.
Donald Berry, w/m, 61, 168 Doxy, domestic abuse battery, 5th.
Lance Taylor, b/m, 245 Carve Ave, violation of a protective order.
Johneisha Murphy, b/m, 27, 1208 Ellis St., possession of a firearm by felon, simple possession of marijuana, resisting, battery on a police office, violation of a protective order.
Brian K. Walker, w/m, 19, 815 Woodyard Drive, possession of stolen things, switched license plate, possession of alcoholic beverages
Justin Jones, w/m, 30, 2533 Hwy 491, Cloutierville, possession of CDS I (synthetic marijuana)
Christopher Pender, w/m, 27, 774 Chris Road, Sunset, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Destiny Setliff, w/f, 20, 774 Chris Road, Sunset, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Shavaette Sykes, b/f, 34, 113 Julien Circle, 2 counts FTA.
Zeno Davenport, b/m, 59, 500 Worth St., violation of a protective order.
Davion Johnson, b/m, 22, 1900 Donegal Drive, Alexandria, disturbing the peace by language.
Deshun Brown, b/m, 22, 119 Allen St., Pineville, disturbing the peace, remaining
Keneen S. Cravens, b/m, 28, 403 21st St., Winnfield, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana.
Steven Raphiel, b/m, 24, 1815 South Drive, Lot 1371, simple criminal damage to property, theft.
Viola Jackson, b/f, 421 Julia St., remaining
Jodie E. Bush, b/f, 24, 3126 W. Bert Kouns Loop, Shreveport, 2 counts FTA.
Casey Tate, w/f, 22, 10005 Hwy 6, Robeline, FTA
James K. Williams, b/m, 33, 147 Talley, Campti, two counts theft, resisting.
Stafford Simmons, b/m, 37, 428 Payne St., theft, simple possession of sch. 1, possession of sch II, possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction, resisting.
Gentry Hebert, b/m, 18, 1119 Dean St., 2 counts second-degree rape.
Carla Miller, w/f, 61, 502 Amulet St., criminal damage to property.
Kevin Raphiell Jr., b/m,34, 1815 South Drive, Lot 1371, simple battery.
Jeramy Aaron, b/m, FTA
Robert Clark, b/m, 23, 2104 Lakeview Drive, possession of marijuana, possession of stolen firearms, possession of firearm by convicted felon, possession of firearm in presence of CDS.
O’Kyeame Thompson, b/m, 20, 214 Johnson, Natchez, possession of stolen firearm.
Shaquille Robinson, b/m, 27, 1606 Lake St., possession of stolen firearm, improper lane usage.
Frank Bailey, b/m, 22, 1114 Amanda Drive, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Brandon D. Edwards, b/m, 28, 169 South Beadle, Apt. 297, Lafayette, FTA.
Trace C. Parker, w/m 21, 605 Hancock, military warrant.
Shawn Bradford, b/m, 22, 302 Woodyard Drive, FTA
Jeffery W. Washington, b/m, 47, 214 Sylvan, domestic abuse battery, theft, criminal damage to property.
Robin Clakley, w/f, 50, 228 Albert Conly Road, theft.