Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for June 29


JT has never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was told about a social media post where Councilman Rodney Bedgood slammed Parish Director of Public Works, and Parish President candidate John Richmond for not beginning to work on the roads until a few months ago. It alleged the road repairs were political in nature. Now, JT recalls Richmond has only been in his current position since January.

It seems odd that the councilman would issue a disparaging comment concerning the amount of time Richmond has been fixing roads. The timeline coincides with his hire date. Richmond was not expected to fix the roads before he was hired into his current position. Was he?

People of this parish are just excited to see any road work done, regardless if it is political in nature, or if the man is just doing his job.

JT thought maybe this state was finally beginning to rise above the old shenanigans of Louisiana politics, but based on the headlines in only the last two weeks – not so! In the last two weeks, arrests include a Natchitoches City Councilwoman, the mayor of Many and three Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Deputies.

JT wonders if people are finally realizing that no one is beyond reach of the long arm of the law and no matter what title you hold, you should be accountable for your actions.