NPD asks retailers and citizens to check currency



The Natchitoches Police Department is urging both consumers and retailers to be vigilant due to reported incidents which reveal that counterfeit currency has been used or has been attempted to be used within our community.

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As a consumer and/or retailer, you or your employees must be able to readily identify counterfeit currency.  Counterfeiters may employ a less sophisticated method and print their own currency on paper that may react with a counterfeit bill identification pen or not illuminate properly under an Ultra Violet (UV) lamp.

However, everyone should be cautious because counterfeiters can purchase realistic currency via the Internet. The bills in-question are usually of a higher denomination such as hundreds ($100) or twenties ($20), however they are easily identified through a brief inspection of the bill.  The bill may contain Asian Symbols or be tagged as Movie Prop Currency, etc., which clearly indicates that the currency is counterfeit.

In addition, most counterfeiters wait until retail clerks are busiest and they count on the clerk not properly inspecting the bill or currency.  Therefore, each retailer should provide information to their employees which shows them how to readily identity counterfeit currency.  Furthermore, all consumers must also be vigilant because the counterfeit currency that goes past a retail clerk may be passed to you in the form of change.

Any retailer or citizen who thinks they’ve received counterfeit currency may call the Natchitoches Police Department directly at (318) 352-8101. All calls shall be kept confidential.

Anonymous Tips By Smartphone:

You may also provide tips that will be anonymous via Tipsoft Product.  Simply send the tip by using your smartphones (download free application) or by texting (Text-A-Tip) to CRIMES (274637).  Use NPDTIPS before typing your message. You can also submit a Web Tip from the Police Protection page. Check it out: