Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for July 13


JT was at a doctor appointment recently and as he sat waiting for his name to be called, he overheard two gentlemen discussing the upcoming sheriff’s race. What caught his attention was the statement one made that with all of the candidates acting “right and good” this would not be a fun election! One gentleman stated the fun elections were back in the day when mud was being slung freely as candidates stumped.

The second gentleman discussed the fact that one candidate has a background in the courtroom while the other two have backgrounds as state troopers and all three are “good men we could get behind.” He said the only thing to decide is which one would make the best chief law enforcement officer for the parish based on their records. He said it wasn’t often voters got the chance to pick from three quality candidates with no known skeletons lurking. “It’s good to have good people running, but it sure isn’t any fun!” the first gentleman said.

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JT got a good chuckle when they concluded their conversation by saying what might determine this race would be the number of yard signs. Almost everyone’s yard has at least one if not more already and there are still three months left before the polls open. One man volunteered to pick up all the signs saying he would have enough material to build a new barn from the plywood and posts and the T-posts would fence in his entire field!

A few years back, there was a popular Internet trend called the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” Basically, people from all over the world would film themselves pour ice-cold water themselves to simulate the experience of muscle stiffness those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, would suffer with.

In turn, this created much awareness for the disease, even funds for research purposes. Now, wasn’t that such a great, meaningful message to spread online? The latest Internet trend? Not so much. You may or may not have heard, but the latest Internet craze is opening tubs of ice cream at the grocery store, licking the tops and putting them back on the shelf. Say it with me… DISGUSTING.

It’s not even limited to ice cream tubs- JT saw another video of a person opening mouthwash, taking a big swig of it, spitting it back in the bottle and putting in on the shelf. Ugh! At least they’re not too bright- their actions are filmed and spread all over the net, so it must be fairly easy to catch the perpetrators. JT is not writing this to cause a panic in our community. JT just wants the community to be aware. Be careful the next time you shop at the grocery store.

Don’t buy products with the seals broken or you believe to have been tampered with. If you see someone that may doing their own little challenge, please let store employees know. Let’s hope the next Internet challenge does a little good for the world instead of… whatever it was the Ice Cream Challenge attempted to do.


You know how you can tell it’s an election year?….the Sheriff’s across the state are holding their annual convention in Louisiana. Normally, the Sheriff’s load up with sunscreen and family and head to the beaches of Florida…. most often in Destin. BUT in election years, they opt to stay in state. This year they will be in New Orleans…starting Sunday.

JT’s happy to see the City has pushed the re-set button on the TIF tax. Pretty much everyone agrees the parc “could” be a great asset for the city. The consensus is that this entire project was done wrong from the start.

In Thursday’s paper Mayor Lee Posey said “…his financial staff is developing a proforma, or statement of what revenue the park should yield.” Shouldn’t this have been done a year ago…along with an estimated cost of maintaining such a facility…before the city brought this $12 million project to voters and started construction.

Instead city leaders appear to have taken their reasoning from the movie “Field of Dreams” that…”If we build it, they will come.”

Still looking for another option in the race for Louisiana Governor Well…you now have another hat in the ring to consider. …and he’s from Natchitoches Parish. JT hears Manuel Russell Leach is in the race. Someone presented JT with a handout that read “Governor for the People.”