NPD Jailbook


Keyean Jenkins, b/m, 25, 1016 Holmes, FTA
Jacoby Barrett, b/m, 26, 151 Green Road, Coushatta, illegal possession of stolen things.
Brian Walker, b/m, 42, 815 Woodyard Drive Apt. 59, theft
Valerie Dewayne Frazier, b/m, 32, 1371 Wetern Drive, resisting an officer, resisting an officer w/force or violence, 3 counts attempted-second degree murder, carrying firearm by felon
Teletha Davenport, b/f, simple assault
Tomothy O’Con, b/m, 29, 227 Rowena, FTA
Edward Weathers, b/m, 45, 515 Fairgrounds Road, Lot 29, simple possession of marijuana-2nd offense, turning movements, driver must be licensed.
Simco Morris, b/m, 27, 1414 Hwy 1, theft
Shelby Christine Parrish, w/f, 24, 2416 Eight Mile Loop, theft
Charlotte Philyaw, w/f, 53, 1922 Yvonne St., theft
Timothy Dubois, w/m, 26, 163 Bermuda, DWI-1st offense
Ethan Kitchens, w/m, 18, 187 Smith Garage Road, simple possession of marijuana
Michael Shields, b/m, 39, 1093 Shady Grove Road, FTA
Raul Francisco, w/m, 27, 4928 Hwy 3278, FTA
Brian McMillian, b/m, 43, 106 Pecan Court, simple burglary.
Amber Johnson, b/f, 26, 1605 Dixie St., FTA
Jordan Vincent, b/m, 22, 215 Fairgrounds Road, 2nd degree rape.
Shernise Pye, b/f, 42, 1220 Washington, possession of sch II-2nd or subsequent offense, possession of drug paraphernalia, probation and parole hold
Frederick Benjamin, b/m, 45, possession of sch. II-2nd or subsequent offense, possession of drug paraphernalia, bicycle headlamps required.
Victreon Taylor, b/f, 21, 1301A Roy Drive, 2 counts simple battery
David C. Anderson, b/m, 31, 1410 Berry, disturbing the peace by public intoxication
Grant Parker, w/m, 20, 425 Demeziere, domestic abuse battery (strangulation)
LeRedica Harris, b/f, 23, 231 Fairgrounds Road, FTA
John Mitchell, b/m, 29, 118 John Drive, flight from an officer, failure to yield to emergency vehicle, driving under suspension, possession of marijuana-2nd or subsequent offense, mirrors required, unsafe vehicle, simple battery, simple criminal damage to property, violation of protective order.
Deshawn Johnson, b/m, 39, 931 Third St., 3 counts FTA
Alvin Petite, b/m, 32, 500 North St., DWI-1st offense, no drivers license, expired tags, open container.
Donaley Hughes, b/f, 23, 2938 Vista Lane, Nashville, Tenn., theft
Payton Hughes, b/f, 21, 1070 West Main St., Hendersonville, Tenn., theft.
Carla Miller, w/f, 671, 510 Rosebud, disturbing the peace by public intoxication.
Jimmie Ray Evans, b/m, 38, 153 Mary Drive, FTA
Tristen Bennett, w/m, 23, 605 Hancock, DWI-1st offense, speeding, expired tags, cracked windshield, failure to change address, failure to yield to emergency vehicle, open container.
Raul Francisco, h/m, 26, 4918 Hwy 3278, 2 counts FTA
Lakisha Jackson, b/f, 40, 295 Vienna Road, simple battery.
Jamarcus Jackson, b/m, 18, 298 Vienna Road, simple battery
Miranda Jones, b/f, 21, 1450 Hill Ave., simple assault
Antoine Mitchell, b/m, 32, 188 Sorgee Road, monetary instrument abuse
Marian Jones, w/f, 2039 W. Main St., Ville Platte, disturbing the peace.
Shuntwan Sykes, b/f, 26, 1815 South Drive, Lot 1352, simple battery
James Simmons III, w/m, 55, 751 Robeline Road, Provencal, FTA
Richard Horton, b/m, 52, 315 Cherrie Loope, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of CDS I, possession of CDS II, DWI-1st, stop sign, left of center, reckless operation
Meredith McMillan, b/f, 30, Carver Ave., battery of dating partner
Kiera L. Harris, b/f, 18, 246 Cedar Grove, simple battery.
Christy M. Wiley, b/f, 26, 515 Fairgrounds Road Lot 38, simple battery.
Breanna Lacy, b/f, 24, 200 Lakeview Drive, theft
Jason Fagondes, w/m, 26, 2336 Duplex St., FTA
Eric Henderson Jr., b/mm, 21, 500 Norht St Apt. S-4, simple possession of marijuana, possession of CDS II (meth), obstruction.
Peyton Butller, w/m, 20, 429 Henry St., criminal trespass
Bryan E. King, b/m, 31, 105 Rowena St., theft
Brandon Jackson, b/m, 30, 1405 Amelia St., theft
Christopher Graham, b/m, 51, Bayou Bend Apt 212, telephone harassment
Walter Gay, b/m, 56,1330 Washington, theft
Larris Edwards, b/m, 21, 817 Salim St., simple battery
Jonathan Carter, b/m, 32, 817 Duplex St., theft
Percy Powell, b/m, 38, 1666 Cecina St, League City, Texas, theft.
Nathan Callaway, b/m, 39, 305 Scott Loop, FTA
Lysheila Marshall, b/f, 44, 226 Gibson St., FTA
Ora Lewis, b/f, 53, 917 ? MLK Drive, simple assault
John Voight, w/m, 33, 1586 Hwy 117, Provencal, DWI-1st, general speed, improper lane usage, reckless operation, flight from an officer, no driver’s license on person.