NPSO Jailbook


Joseph Ivy, w/m, 46, 2 counts FTA
Valere Frazier, b/m, 32, two counts resisting an officer, armed robbery, simple burglary, stalking, theft of motor vehicle.
Stacey Riley, b/m, 45, Violation of protective orders, maximum speed limit, Operating vehicle while license is suspended
Latarus Calvin, b/m, DUS, warrant
Shernise Pye, b/f, FTA, P&P violation
Christopher Cole Anders, w/m, 27, aggravated assault with a firearm, child desertion, drug paraphernalia.
Cody Foster, b/m, 34, Simple criminal damage to property, Battery of a dating partner, Prohibited acts
Jeffery Leyva, w/m, 21, DWI, speeding
William Cloutier, w/m, Stalking
Craig Riggs, w/m, 40, Domestic abuse battery
Melissa G. Strother, w/f, 47, DWI-1st offense, careless operation, damage to property.
John Salard, w/m, 22, littering, resisting, possession of synthetic marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia
Kerry Lebrun, w/m, 40, possession of Sch. II
Juan Sandoval, h/m, 21, speeding 104/75, no driver’s license
Robert E. Harts, b/m, 32, FTA (Grant Parish)
Wilmer Bell, b/m, 37, DWI-1st offense, speeding, driving under suspension
Lasheka Brooks, b/f, 43, disturbing the peace
Thomas Cochran, w/m, 52, unauthorized entry, simple criminal damage, domestic abuse battery.
Kennderick Phillips, b/m, 32, simple theft
Cayla Canter, w/f, 40, illegal possession of stolen things
William Cloutier, w/m, 33, violation of a protective order
Tyler Armstrong, b/m, 21, FTA (Winn Parish)
Itohan Aiwerioghane, b/f, 25, Resisting an officer, Political payroll padding, maximum speed limit
Wes Allen Rogers, w/m, 38, legal possession of stolen firearms, possession of Sch. II, Prohibited acts
Ernest Smith, b/m, simple assault
Lysherila Marshall, b/f, 44, FTA
Jerland Anderson, b/m, 33, FTA