Dr. Greg Lord announces candidacy for State Representative


Long-time physician, local businessman and entrepreneur Dr. Greg Lord has announced his candidacy for Louisiana State Representative District 24, representing Natchitoches, Sabine and Vernon parishes.  Healthcare is an issue close to Dr. Lord’s heart. He has not only practiced medicine for 38 years in Vernon Parish, he is the father of two cancer survivors. He founded the Leesville Rehabilitation Hospital and the award-winning Doctors’ Hospital at Deer Creek. He’s currently a founding partner and the medical director for the new Woodlands Healthcare Center, one of Louisiana’s most state-of-the-art nursing homes.

“Healthcare is a major national issue as well as a state-wide issue,” says Dr. Lord. “Patients need the best access and the best care, but big government and special interest groups are getting in the way. Someone needs to go line by line in the state healthcare budget and cut out all the fraud and waste. Who would be better to do that than a physician and hospital administrator? I have the expertise to help lead us through these vital issues.”

Dr. Lord also pledges to support his district’s logging, forestry and trucking industries as well as Fort Polk Progress. He wants to grow tourism for world-class bass fishing at Toledo Bend and secure more funding for roads and bridges as well as technical/vocational schools. He believes the state could fund these changes with taxpayer dollars saved by cutting waste, fraud and abuse.

“Other than joining the United States military, I can’t think of a better way to serve our country than by serving valiantly and honestly in our government,” says Lord. “I’m a Louisiana boy through and through. I’m a very conservative Republican. I am pro-life and support our Second Amendment right to bear arms. I love my state, but we need to make improvements, and I want to be a part of that. In government and in medicine, you have to make the correct diagnosis to effectively treat the problem. We need to send qualified people to serve. I’m qualified and eager to use my lifetime of medical and business experience.” Dr. Lord is a graduate of Simpson High School, Northwestern State University in Natchitoches and LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport.

He and his wife of 24 years, Angelle, have six children and four grandchildren. When Dr. Lord isn’t practicing medicine, he’s working on his farm in Leesville. He and Angelle are committed Christians and attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “I’d be honored to serve the people in my district, the place where I’ve lived, worked and raised a family almost my entire life,” says Lord. “I have my fingers on the pulse of the issues because I am still actively involved in caring for my patients and running my businesses with my wife and business and partner, Angelle. I have what it takes to stand up for what’s right in Baton Rouge and answer back to my people at home.”

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