Just Talkin’ for July 25, 2019


John Wayne portrayed a lawman in many of his movies, battling outlaws and standing behind his badge in the face of gunfighters, gashes and gore. His characters have nothing on real life Sheriff Victor Jones.

John Wayne

JT heard Jones was fulfilling his duties as Sheriff with his presence at the 911 Commission meeting Tuesday, only days after having his hand and fingers seriously injured in a haying accident. His right hand was heavily bandaged and he was shaking hands and patting backs with his left hand. JT heard Jones was playing off his injuries as “just something that happened.”

Well, John Wayne rode horses and so does Jones.

Wayne cut to the chase and took charge of issues…and so does Jones.

Wayne could ride a horse and rescue a damsel in distress with three gunshot wounds and a rattlesnake bite, well….Jones maybe can’t do that, but he sure takes his responsibilities seriously. Hats off to Jones for his dedication and best wishes for a full, speedy recovery.

JT’s interest was piqued at the City Council meeting Monday when the council approved a lease of property in the industrial park for a solar park. What’s that? JT has heard of wind farms but a solar park?

The Mayor complimented economic developer Tony Davis for his part in the project that will involve a feasibility study. Sounds like an interesting concept. It brings to mind an article JT read recently about the many woes of California. Berkeley, Calif., has banned natural gas from new homes and businesses, a move that environmentalists see as a major victory.

According to the article, “The state prides itself on having very little coal, but it imports electricity from neighboring states like Utah and Arizona where it is generated by coal.” Somehow displacing the emissions from California to another state, and charging the taxpayers more, fulfills the criteria for being “green.”

Never mind that natural gas is among the cleanest of fuels with very low emissions or that utility rates will soar. A side note—-Berkeley has also removed gender specific terms and no longer has manholes. They’re maintenance holes!

Also eliminated are manpower. And he and she are now they!