NPSO and NPD arrests for July 27, 2019



Christopher Dustin Angle, w/m, 34, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling, criminal damage to property.

Zantere Smith, b/m, 31, Domestic abuse battery

Anthony Lynn Carter, w/m, 29, two counts disturbing the peace/drunkenness

Christopher Walker, b/m, 45, FTA

Brandon Ferguson, w/m, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, Driving on roadway laned for traffic, Documents simulating official court papers for collection purposes, sale or purchase prohibited, Owner to secure registration

Robert Jonathan White, w/m, 31, Penalty for distribution or possession with intent to distribute narcotic drugs listed in Schedule I, possession of Sch. II second or subsequent offense, possession of drug paraphernalia

Donald Lester, w/m, 55, FTA

Wesley Morvan, w/m, 27, FTA

Bryan Sowell, b/m, 27, resisting an officer by flight, Driving on roadway laned for traffic, Following vehicles, valid license

Derrick Lloyd, b/m, 29, Simple burglary

Brian Bonier, b/m, 27, domestic abuse battery

Brad Thomas, b/m, 23, DUS, no license plates, failure to register, no insurance, speeding 97/75

John Turner, b/m, 25, Penalty for distribution or possession with intent to distribute narcotic drugs listed in Schedule I;

Charles C. Roque, b/m, 54, 193 Hwy 485, theft, simple possession of marijuana
Trenton Law, b/m, 47, 320 Brickyard, no turn signal, possession of CDS III second or subsequent
Sharika Newton, b/f, 34, 820 MLK, possession of CDS I, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container
Clarence Jenkins, b/m, 18, 1122 Allen St., 2 counts aggravated assault on police w/vehicle, aggravated flight, 2 counts aggravated attempted first-degree murder of police officer.
Tyvianna Sykes, b/f, 32 1815 South Drive, aggravated assault
Christopher Walker, b/m 44, 1215 South Drive, simple battery
James Smith, b/m, 26, 1815 South Drive #1377, possession of Sch. I (synthetic marijuana, possession of Sch. I (MDMA), second or subsequent, CDS in presence of juvenile, possession of Sch. IV
DeCortez Staves, b/m, 20, 401 Valley St., Winnfield, remaining after being forbidden.
April Dubois, w/f, 33, remaining after being forbidden, disturbing the peace by public intoxication
Armani Sapp, b/f, 18, 12405 Main St., Atlanta, remaining after being forbidden
Gregory Washington, b/m, 51, 827 MLK Drive, theft, trespassing, driving under suspension
Duncan D. Stoker, w/m, 28, 2925 Hwy 117 Provencal, possession of drug paraphernalia
Orlando Bernstine, b/f, 45, 140 T Joe St., theft
Charles Coleman, b/m, 20, 1405 Georgia Ann St., trespassing, possession of drug paraphernalia
Charles Coleman, b/m, 70, 1405 Georgia Ann St., contraband in a penal institution
Cortez Demars, b/m, 23, 606 Sabine Alley, possession of sch. I, resisting, aggravated burglary.
Alexis Nash, b/m, 31, 154 Nash Road, St. Maurice, possession of stolen things.
Brandon McHenry, b/m, 21, 100 S. Williams Ave Apt. 3, theft
Lance Taylor, b/m, 3, 245 Carver St., criminal trespass, 2 counts simple assault
Zeno Davenport, b/m, 59, 500 North St., violation of protective order, simple criminal damage to property
Jason Jefferson Jr., b/m, 22, 1412 Georgia Ann St., possession of sch. I w/intent, possession of sch. IV, possession of sch. II, possession firearm by a felon, possession of a firearm with CDS, possession of stolen firearm.
Steven Vercher, b/m, 20, 1310 Berry Ave., attempted second-degree murder.