GeauxFAME to host commitment signing ceremony for students enrolled in advanced manufacturing technology program Thursday,Aug.8.

Students to sign letter of intent to work for local manufacturers while in school
The Louisiana Chapter of FAME, the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education, known as GeauxFAME, will present a “Commitment Signing” ceremony for students enrolled in the Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) program.  The program is an innovative partnership between GeauxFAME, Northwestern State University, and Central Louisiana Technical Community College.  The ceremony is hosted by and will take place at the CLTCC Natchitoches Campus at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 8.
This signing event will be a celebration of the commitment of the student to the FAME employer, much like signing events that celebrate seniors when they sign letters of intent to play a sport for a college or university.  Students will be signing letters of intent to work for one of the manufacturing companies while enrolled in the AMT program; the companies that comprise FAME include RoyOMartin, Stella-Jones, AFCO, Alliance, Pilgrims, Boise, and Weyerhaeuser.
These companies have agreed to sponsor students, which includes paid employment, on-the-job training, and senior technician mentorship and coaching.  During the six-semester program, students attend class two days a week and work for their sponsoring manufacturer three days a week.
“Our signing day activities will honor students accepted into the AMT program, recognize the company sponsors, and celebrate the support we have received from the community,” said Laurie Morrow, CLTCC Natchitoches Campus Dean.  “This is a unique opportunity to publicize the benefits of the AMT program and demonstrate the value of higher education and work experience.”
The AMT program was developed through a partnership between CLTCC, NSU and the Natchitoches Community Alliance Foundation, Inc., to train students for today’s manufacturing processes, increase enrollment in this field of study, and close the skills gap by partnering with local manufacturing companies.
Students who successfully complete the two-year AMT program will receive an associate degree in Industrial Engineering Technology (IET) from NSU with an emphasis in Advanced Manufacturing and a technical certificate from CLTCC.  They will also earn the coveted FAME certificate.  Students can continue their education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree from NSU or seeking full-time employment with a sponsoring company or both.
Students are not guaranteed positions with the sponsoring manufacturer after completion of the AMT program, but graduates have an opportunity to be hired with a good salary and benefits.
The signing is open to media and the public.