Just Talkin’ for Aug. 1, 2019


Tommy Whitehead provided JT with a good laugh Sunday evening. JT and Tommy were discussing the disgusting Summertree Apartments on Second Street and the controversy surrounding whether the City Council will condemn the eyesore. The apartments are next to the Kappa Alpha fraternity house. For a little perspective, know that Tommy is a long-time advisor to the KA fraternity.

And in past years, the KA brothers were sometimes the scourge of the neighborhood because of their rowdy and noisy parties that often lasted into the wee hours of the morning. More than once, JT has attended a City Council meeting to hear neighbors lament about the activities of the brothers on the hill. The fraternity has now joined other Historic District residents who want the apartments demolished. The fraternity even attempted to buy the property at a sheriff’s sale, to no avail, when the owners reclaimed it. “Now the KAs have become the ‘good’ neighbors on Second Street!” Tommy says.

Natchitoches Wood

JT can hear it now. Those who get on social media and complain long and loud about the conditions of the rural roads will question why Parish Government will spend money to secure and update the courthouse when they could spend the money on roads. Here’s a concept that the regular complainers certainly won’t grasp.

The tax money comes from a dedicated fund that has been accumulated over several years for the courthouse security projects. There’s no way it could be used for roads. No way. It’s dedicated. Of course the very ones that this is intended for won’t read it. They’re probably the same ones who have voted against the last 20 attempts to pass a tax for road maintenance!

JT read Tuesday where yet another youth has been gored by a bison at a national park. The latest victim is a teen who was walking along a trail at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Last week it was a 9 year old at Yellowstone. JT just read that it’s—-guess what—-mating season when the bulls fight other bulls over their mates! According to the National Bison Association, (yes, they have their own association), a bison bull will weigh about 2,000 pounds and a cow will weigh about 1,100 pounds. JT hasn’t been near any bison lately but no one would have to tell him to stay clear of the big beasts, especially with a child in tow. —-