NPD arrests for Aug. 3, 2019



ShuMichael Moore, b/m, 31, 233 Cherry Loop, theft

Ashley White, b/f, 33, 814 July St., disturbing the peace by fighting

Ahlandriea Carter, b/f, 21, 1400 Dian St., disturbing the peace by fighting

Deandre Carter, b/m, 19, 832 Clarence Drive, disturbing the peace by fighting

Ladayja McIntosh, b/f, 22, 742 Dixie St., disturbing the peace by fighting

Brandon McDonald, w/m, 37, 222 Rowena, FTA

Johnny J. DuBois, w/m, 32 116 Prothro Road, 9 counts stop sign, 3 counts red light, 2 counts resisting an officer, attempted first-degree murder, aggravated flight from an officer, reckless operation

Grant Parker, w/m, 425 Demiezere, violation of protective order

Kiarra Davis, b/f, 27, 1609 S. Gum St., Winnfield, bench warrant for Caddo Parish

Dexter Aught, b/m, 23, 1102 Berry Ave., FTA

Anthony Evans, b/m, 41, 169 Caspari St., domestic abuse child endangerment

ShuMichael Moore, b/m, 32, 410 Laird Fletcher, 4 counts FTA

Del Berguin, b/m, 19, 333 Third St., possession of sch III., resisting an officer

Alvin Petite, b/m, 33, 500 North St., no drivers license, 3 counts driving left of center.

Koren Greene, b/f, 29, 508 Virginia Ave., possession of Sch I

Cloteal Pye, b/f, 68, 808 Dorothy St., simple battery of persons with infirmities.

Orabell Lewis, b/f, 51, MLK Drive, criminal trespass

Darius Himes, b/m, 40, 120 Pearl St., criminal mischief

Breonne Rainey, b/f, 28, 216 Pierson St., battery of emergency room personnel

Sheree Brown, b/f, 37, 440 Fairgrounds Road, Lot 21, FTA

Bao Huiven, f, 50, 363 Taylor Road, flight from an officer

Raven de la Rosa, h/m, 19, 130 T-Joe St., cultivation of marijuana, illegal carrying of a weapon, possession of CDS IV, possession of drug paraphernalia, warrant throught Harrison County, armed robbery.

Kevin Jackson, b/m, 24, 114 Hampton, domestic abuse batteyr.

Tony Calhoun, b/m, Song Street, Coushatta, monetary instrument abuse

Grant Parker, w/m, 721 Percy St., violation of protective orders

John Westmoreland, w/m, 51, DWI 2ndoffense, careless operation

Tywanna Sykes, b/f, 32, 443 Johnson Drive., simple battery.