Just Talkin’ for Aug. 15, 2019

Throughout JT’s life, he’s found that for the most part, he can handle the big things that come his way. It’s the little things that drive him crazy.
Take that huge bump in the northbound lane of Williams Avenue that you hit just as you turn right from Keyser Avenue.  Every time he hits it, he swears he will call DOTD and complain. By the time he gets a block away, he’s forgotten about it until the next time he hits it.
Tuesday morning JT was elated to see DOTD employees working on Williams Avenue and they shaved the bump down.  Thank you DOTD! Great job.
And it’s no secret that technology frustrates JT to no end. Cell phones are an everyday challenge! JT finished shopping Saturday at the big box store on Keyser Avenue and inadvertently threw his keys in the trunk while he loaded the groceries from the shopping cart. Yup. He closed the trunk with keys inside.
No problem, he thought. I’ll just call ONSTAR and get them to unlock the car. That’s what those monthly payments are for—-to help you unlock your car. Wasn’t quite that easy.
He went through several prompts on the automated system that wanted his code that he established eight years ago when he bought the car!   Then it wanted the telephone number linked to the account.
He couldn’t remember if it was his home phone or cell number.
 All that in the searing heat!
Thankfully, a friend was at home and quickly rescued him in the hot parking lot to retrieve another set of keys. His next task will be to call ONSTAR, again, and try to get a human being to help him figure out his code and which telephone number is tied to the account.
He’ll wait a few days before trying that!
One day last week JT had breakfast at Lasyone’s and was standing in line to pay his bill when he noticed a penny on the floor beneath the feet of the young man in front of him.
JT nudged the young man and pointed out the stray penny. He looked down and sort of wrinkled his nose and was about to leave.
He noticed that JT was not moving very agilely in trying to pick up the coin. He then easily stooped down, picked up the penny and handed it to JT and went on about his business.
JT thought the gesture was very gracious, then thought to him self that the young man must not have had to work as hard for his pennies has JT has.