Unique partnership results in road repairs


By Carolyn Roy

Work should start this week on Kayla Drive at the entrance to Chamard Subdivision according to the report from Public Works Director John Richmond to the Parish Council Monday.

Through a cooperative endeavor agreement between Parish Government and Kayla Drive residents, some 850 feet will get major maintenance to grind the current road, lay rock and base materials and apply asphalt. Since the Parish has marked utilities, the rest of the work should take about two weeks, weather permitting.

The work is being done in a unique partnership and cooperative endeavor between the residents and the Parish Council in which residents are paying $17,000 of the total cost of $38,000 to upgrade 850 feet. A similar project is scheduled for Beau Vista Drive. The cooperative endeavor agreement has been signed and residents have agreed to pay $9,000 with the Parish paying $9,000 to repair 500 feet. Richmond presented a road pulverization update to Parish Council members. Residents on four roads have signed petitions requesting pulverization of existing asphalt roads that will be taken back to gravel. The total cost should be about $100,000.

The lists includes Allen Beulah Road in District 4, 33,317 feet; Sportsman’s Lodge Road in District 4, 4,028 feet; Clark Road in Districts 1 and 4, 22,364 feet; and Old River Road, District 5, 7,075 feet. Richmond said Clark Road will be the last road because of a bridge replacement. The work will include a process called scarifying which grinds the current surface.

It previously cost $6,000 to $8,000 per mile but can now be done for $1,000 to $1,500 per mile because the highway department is using its own equipment. The money has been budgeted for the maintenance. The roads will be done one at a time, weather permitting.

Residents and landowners will be notified in writing one week prior to starting date; there will be partial road closures kept to a minimum during the day; and roads will be fully accessible and passable at the end of each workday.