Carl Ray Lasyone announces candidacy for Dist. 22 State Representative


I am a candidate for District 22 State Representative which consists of all or portions of five parishes. I am a life long resident of Grant Parish and want to work for the people I represent. I will be a representative with time to hear and act on your needs and expectations.

I will always be available to hear your concerns and assist you whenever possible. I’m not for any new taxes. I think we need to more wisely use the taxes which are already in place. I am a strong supporter of the oil and gas industry and the logging industry. I support public education because when business industry is seeking a new location, they look for an educated workforce.

I support funding for all publicly supported colleges and universities and I will continue to fight for funding. I strongly support the National Rifle Association and the right to bear arms. I am pro-life and pro-family. All roads lead to District 22 and without properly maintaining our roads and bridges, it is virtually impossible for commerce to exist. I respectfully ask for your support on October 12.

Please vote #73.

Together we can make a difference!

Paid political announcement