NTL Women’s Meeting

On front row from left are Bobbie Luuallin, Belinda Smith, Peggy Smith, Shirley May, Janette Melton, Gaye Pohlmeyer, Ruby Gray, Clettis Pardee-Self and Pamela Desadier. On second row are Jurae Leatherman-Hunter and Audricka Young. On third row are Allie Murphy, Alexandria Brown, Karin Colwell, Yinnia Colwell, Barbara Edwards, Claudine Cloud Rhein, Patricia Hines-Brown, Ana Hines-Walker and Michelle Spillers. On fourth row are Bre Harris, Leslie Desadier Murphy, Alex Russell, Cathy Dubois and Sonya Hines-Hamrick.
The Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana (NTL) has their first women’s meeting Sunday, Aug. 25. The event was hosted at Browne Lake in Coushatta with 30 attending in person and 10 online guests. Audricka Young with the NTL Tribe and Jurae Letherman-Hunter of the Seminole Nation educated the women on the history of the ribbon skirt, tribe and how to make fry bread. Participants will make a ribbon skirt at home and share their projects later as part of women’s tribal education.
Photos by Michelle Hernandez Cascio Spillers and Jurae Leatherman-Hunter
lexandria Brown, Audricka Young, Claudine Cloud Rhein, Patricia Hines-Brown, and Ana Hines-Walker
Audricka Young cooks fry bread