Lakeview takes on Ringgold tonight with mind set to overcome stigma of being ‘that’ team

Daylon Fowler

By Ethan Smith, exclusive to the Times

It’s finally here; football season. All the blood, sweat and tears that have been put into the fields are about to pay off. Friday, Sept. 6, the Lakeview Gators will travel to Ringgold to take on the Indians in what will be the first game of the season for the Gators.

These boys have been ready for this game for a while. After a 1-9 season, they have something to prove. They want to show this is a new team, a team that’s hungrier. A team that people will regret doubting. For Head Coach Brandon Helms, the game plan is simple. “Establish both lines of scrimmage. You do that, you should win.” Simple as that.

Coach believes if the offensive line can do their jobs and create holes for the run game, and the defensive line run to the football. The Gators have a good chance of putting a one in the win column. The biggest strength that Ringgold has, per Coach Helms, is the “…athletic guys on the outside who will try and outwork our guys.” There’s not much film to work with, so trying to recognize the Indians’ game plan will be tough.

“We just have to roll with the punches,” says Coach Helms. But Coach believes that our outside guys are better than theirs and they will be able to hold their own.   If there was one player expected to break out it would be Senior LB/RB #33 Daylon Fowler, at right.

Helms explained, “If you would’ve told me Daylon Fowler would have received as many carries as he did last Friday night, I’d call you crazy. If we want to succeed he’s going to have to run the football.”

A start from the senior at running back last week came as a happy surprise. Fowler has many big carries including one on the Gators game-winning drive. If he succeeds, so should the Gators.

Lakeview is tired of being considered “That” team. They are ready to prove the public wrong. They are ready to eat what Assistance Coach Cliff Jones says “Barbecue Chicken.”

Come out to Ringgold Friday night to support the Gators.