NPD Jailbook for Sept. 7, 2019


Pamela Mims, b/f, 45, 833 Brewton, defamation of character

Caleb Smith, b/m, 18, 500 North St., carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

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Ronald Bell Jr., b/m, 24, 139 Keith Drive, FTA

Anthony Benning, b/m, 48, 1222 Greenville St., simple possession of CDS I (marijuana)

Jonathon Carter, b/m, 298 Vienna Road, 2 counts FTA

Hagop Kitishian, w/m, 320 Keegan Drive, FTA

Daryl W. Johnson, b/m, 45, 431 MLK Drive, illegal possession of stolen things

Decarey D. Reliford, b/m, 23, 175 Pasture Road, Campti, improper lane usage, illegal window tint

Lindsey Anderson, w/f, 36, 3421 Halsey St., Alexandria, theft.

Jamel Toliver, b/m, 21, 203 N. Melrose Ave., stalking, 2 counts of criminal trespass

Fredrick Anthony, b/m, 1434 Phillips St., open container

Johnesha Murphy, b/f, 28, 1208 Ellis St., aggravated assault w/firearm

Shawn Morrow, b/m, 35, 1224 Sara St., 2 counts aggravated assault, possession of sch. I, robbery

James Lofton, b/m, 178 Allen Beulah Road, Robeline, domestic abuse child endangerment

Lacie Cedars, w/f, 39, 1913 Hwy 6 Lot 2, FTA, theft

Peyton Butler, w/m, 20, 240 Renee St., simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling

Darius Robinson, b/m, 22, 903 Dorothy St., illegal possession of stolen things.

Jamel Toliver, b/m, 21, 208 North Melrose, aggravated assault w/firearm, DTP, discharging firearm w/in city limits

Nathaniel Salyers, w/m, 24, 6294 Bain Blvd, Keithville, illegal carrying of weapons