Resident puts a beautiful effort into landscaping yard


It’s common to put a little effort into making your lawns look nice.

Some lawns might have had more effort put into them than others, and that’s certainly the case of Natchitoches resident Margaret Gillespie’s yard.

Her yard has been beautified with foliage and flora such as ferns, ivy, Lincoln roses, morning glories, Mexican petunias and hydrangeas, mums, succulents, cactus, wisteria, elephant ear plants, Tabasco pepper plant, potato plant and more, plus trees such as a willow, Japanese red bush, Bradford pear tree and a palmetto palm.

Gillespie said she started planting around 2008, starting with the trees and continuing with the blooming flora in the last few years. She had help with the landscaping with her son, Timothy Behand.

“It’s great therapy and a happy time in my life,” she said when talking about her landscaping and gardening pursuits.

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Photos by Hannah Richardson