NSU faculty member co-edits new book

Dr. Richard St. Peter

A new book co-edited by Dr. Richard St. Peter, assistant professor of theatre at Northwestern State University, will be released next week. The book, “Teacher Representations in Dramatic Text and Performance,” was co-edited by Dr. Melanie Shoffner and is published by Routledge.

Shoffner is a professor of education at James Madison University. St. Peter is in his second year on the Northwestern State faculty.

The book examines representations of the teacher on stage – in both theatrical performances and dramatic text – in order to demonstrate how these representations have shaped society’s perceptions of educators in and out of the classroom and should be of interest to graduate and postgraduate students, academics and researchers in the fields of teacher education, drama and theatre education.

At the heart of this book, according to St. Peter, is the interaction between theatre and teacher education.

“By considering how dramatic portrayals reimagine, reinforce and/or undermine our understanding of the teacher’s personal and professional roles, this volume bridges the gap between truth in dramatic literature and truth in the classroom,” he said.

Chapters critically explore the personas embodied by fictional teachers in well-known works such as “Educating Rita,” “School of Rock” and “The History Boys” and illustrate how educators might use dramatic literature and performance to interrogate entrenched ideas about the student-teacher dynamic. By bringing together a diverse set of contributors from the fields of teacher education and theatre, this book takes a critical look at performance, text, society and culture to promote a new understanding of teaching and learning.

The book is available at routledge.com/Teacher-Representations-in-Dramatic-Text-and-Performance-Portraying-the/Shoffner-St-Peter/p/book/9780367227814