Engine placed into service


Natchitoches Parish Fire District #5 placed their newest engine into service Thursday, Sept. 5 with a preview attended by NPFD 5 board members, volunteers, local fire chiefs and the public.  An in-service was provided to the members by Delta Fire & Safety to familiarize them with the features of the new engine.

From left are Ralph Hernandez, board member and volunteer fireman; Carol O’Quinn, board member; Pasty Ward-Hoover, Parish Council; George Culpepper and John Metoyer, board members; and John Nicholas, Fire Chief.

NPFD 5 Chief John Nicholas thanked board members and Parish Council member Patsy Ward-Hoover for their continued support of the district’s needs. Engine 1, emblazoned with a signature blue stripe, is a 2020 Kenworth manufactured by Spartan with 3,000 gallons of water on board capable of pumping 1,250 gpm. It will be housed at the Natchez Fire Station and will be available for response to all NPFD 5 covered areas.

NPFD #5 members are, from left, Michael Sesvold, Chris Posey, Michael Mafnas, Cameron Davis, Adam Edwards, Patricia Nicholas, Chief John Nicholas, Andy Adkins, Greg Duggan, Parish Council member Patsy Ward-Hoover, Ralph Hernandez, Ivan McDaniel and Derek Boyt.

Color-coded hoses and nozzles, remote-controlled deck monitor, battery powered extrication equipment, foam capability and the latest in pump technology are just a few of the features of this custom apparatus.

These unique features will ensure the district stays on the cutting edge of fire technology and continues to provide a high quality fire service to residents.

Harral Johnson of Delta Fire and Security demonstrates the pump panel for, from left, Derek Boyt and Ralph Hernandez.