Chiefs drop nail biter to Griffins


By LeRon Massey, Exclusive to the Times

The legendary Vince Lombardi once said, “The difference between a successful person and other is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” Friday night the Chiefs left everything on the field. The Natchitoches Central Chiefs fumbled the ball on the first play of the game giving the traveling North DeSoto Griffins the ball. On the assuming drive Sharmar Seastrunk strips the ball, forcing a fumble. The loose ball was grabbed by Jaylin White who returned it 42 yards for a touchdown giving them an early lead, 6-0. North DeSoto’s next drive was no better. Nate Lawson intercepted a pass for a touchdown expanding the Chiefs lead, 12-0. Once down 12-0, North DeSoto’s offense and defense discovered their rhythm. It was North DeSoto’s defense that set the tone stopping the Chiefs offense to three and outs on consecutive drives. North Desoto cut the lead from 12 to 7 after an 11-yard pass from Kevin Kinney to David Atkins. It was a seven play 57-yard drive. As the first quarter came to an end North DeSoto scored another touchdown, this time a 13-yard run from Atkins.

The Griffins took the lead with a score of 12 to 14. Another score from North DeSoto came midway through the second quarter with another touchdown pass from Kinney to Atkins. This time it was 23-yard dart for the score. North DeSoto leads 12-21. As time was running out in the second, the Griffins were on the verge of scoring. Seastrunk forced another fumble.

It was grabbed and scored by Braylin Demars who took it 97 yards for a touchdown. The Chiefs crawled back, chopping the Griffins’ lead to three. The third quarter was scoreless. Halfway through the fourth the Chiefs scored on a 7 play 45-yard drive.

Rodney Robinson walked into the endzone giving the Chiefs the lead, 26-21. Not a minute later, the Griffins scored on a 63-yard bomb giving them the lead, 26-29. On the assuming drive the Chiefs fumbled the ball eliminating the opportunity to lead by double digits.

#99 of North Desoto got the loose ball and was going to stroll in for the touchdown when he was halted by Robinson. Robinson punched the ball out of #99’s arms forcing a fumble in the zone allowing the chiefs one final opportunity to score the go-ahead touchdown for the lead.

With five seconds remaining on the clock, the Chiefs were at the 5-yard line with a chance to score. Derienne Robinson drops back, looks to his right, then throws a fade to the back of the zone. His pass ultimately was intercepted by the Griffin cornerback, ending the game. Although the Chiefs lost a nail biter at home, there are some positive things they can take from this game.


This Friday the Chiefs travel to Many to confront the Tigers at 7 p.m.