Just Talkin’ for Sept. 26, 2019


Several of JT’s friends were dismayed to find out they won’t be able to vote for Louie Bernard for senator in the Oct. 12 election. Some are longtime friends of Louie and his family, particularly his older sister, Kayla.

During the last reapportionment, senatorial lines were redrawn and Natchitoches Parish is represented by two senators. Unfortunately, the line was drawn to carve out a section of the eastern-most part of the city from around Masonic Drive, Christopher’s Crossing and Chinquapin subdivision east to Hampton Road. Even though they can’t vote for Louie they are supporting him with their spirit and hopefully campaign donations.

Sen. Jay Luneau of Alexandria represents part of seven parishes including the above mentioned area. Several folks hosted a fundraiser for Jay Tuesday evening and the hosts were trying to raise a crowd. One of the hostesses, not particularly familiar with the Senator, was inviting folks to come to her party for Jay Leno.

“Jay Leno?” a family member asked.

“Yes, Jay Leno!” she said.

It took a few minutes to figure out she really meant Jay Luneau. Anyway, there was a nice crowd there to support the Senator and his wife, Carman, in his bid for re-election.


We have all not been able to get into our vehicles at some point.

A friend of JT’s had quite the faux pas after a ballgame last Friday. She and her uncle left the game and went to her car. She punched in the code to unlock it and nothing happened. It finally started flashing after several tries. She had gone over her limit.

She called her husband and asked him to bring a key. She and her uncle waited at least 15 minutes. Then she tried the code again with the same results.

Then a lady walks up and asked her if she was trying to steal her car to which JT’s friend said “No, I’m trying to get into mine!” The lady began to laugh.

JT’s friend’s car, which was identical in style, model and color, was two spaces away on the other side of a van! Imagine her surprise – and disdain.

JT asked Times editor Juanice Gray to make his friend a decal so she can identify her vehicle from now on!