Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office arrest report


Sept. 5 – Sept. 11

Devonta Sykes, 25, b/m, contempt of court

Chinna Thompson, 26, w/f, driving under suspension and speeding

Lakeisha Willis, 34, b/f, contempt of court

Houston James, 20, w/m, underage operating while intoxicated, purchase and possession of alcoholic beverages, possession of alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle, and no driver’s license on person

Antonio Turner

Antonyo Turner, 35, b/m, simple burglary, contempt of court, and attempted simple burglary

Steven Edwards

Steven Edwards, 31, w/m, theft

Joey Monette

Joey Monette, 25, b/m, contempt of court

Christopher Fisher, 47, b/m, failure to register and notify as a sex offender

Ricky Bush

Ricky Bush, 52, b/m, contempt of court

Dominique Coutee, 21, b/m, contempt of court

Brandon Bernstine, 30, b/m, contempt of court

Francis Bolton, 60, w/m, aggravated battery

Mattie Medinis, 24, w/f, driving under the influence, and driving left of center

Christyn Babineaux, 20, b/f, driving under the influence and possession of schedule I

Destiny Babineaux, 23, b/f, contempt of court Jeriod Abels, 34, w/m, driving under the influence

Nicholas Whitaker, 24, b/m, speeding and driving under suspension

James Owens, 40, w/m, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction of justice, and modified exhaust

Chasity Burley, 37, w/f, possession of marijuana and probation violation

Leroy Bynog Jr., 54, w/m, second degree battery

Timothy Brimzy, 38, b/m, failure of a sex offender to pay registration fee

Jay Bohannon

Jay Bohannon, 24, w/m, possession of schedule II, and illegal possession of stolen things

Otis Sneed

Otis Sneed, 39, b/m, simple assault and remaining after being forbidden

Carlos Martinez, 41, w/m, contempt of court

Kenneth Jordan, 31, w/m, possession of schedule I

Desmond Scarborough

Desmond Scarborough, 26, b/m, contempt of court Alexis Baldwin, 24, b/f, contempt of court

Sept. 12 through Sunday, Sept 15. Arrested were:

Charolette Philyaw, 53, w/f, theft

Louis Washington Jr., 67, b/m, contempt of court

Vincent Trichel, 48, w/m, driving under the influence and hit and run

Jordan Stracener

Jordan Stracener, 29, w/f, possession of schedule IV, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of schedule II

Jeffery Williams, 43, b/m, arrested for driving under the influence, speeding, and failure to give notice of change of address

Everett Hunt

Everett Hunt, 20, w/m, theft of a motor vehicle

Angela Sarpy, 24, w/f, possession of schedule I, possession of drug paraphernalia, and introduction of contraband into a penal institution

Amber Young, 22, w/f, theft

Arma Edwards, 20, b/f, simple battery

Corey Vise, 32, w/m, violation of protective orders

Rofonda Newman, 41, b/f, issuing worthless checks, and contempt of court

Dennis Randolph, 54, b/m, possession of CDS I with intent to distribute, failure to signal, and possession of drug paraphernalia

Milton Metoyer Jr., 31, b/m, driving under the influence and driving under suspension