Arrest Report for Sept. 28, 2019 (with mug shots where available)


Sheriff’s Office

This is the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s arrest report for Monday, Sept. 16 through Wednesday, Sept. 18. Arrested were:


Christopher Hill, 32, w/m, probation violation

Timothy Brimzy, 38, b/m, failure to register and notify as a sex offender

Marquitta Mitchell, 30, b/f, contempt of court

Christa Daniels, 34, b/f, contempt of court

Duke Sherman, 38, b/m, contempt of court


Michael Cobb, 37, w/m, theft

Zak Johnson-Aymond, 28, w/m, contempt of court

Michael Daniels, 19, b/m, contempt of court

Sheena Armstrong, 35, b/f, driving under the influence, no headlights, driving under suspension, and vehicle registration expired

Douglas Ireland, 59, w/m, arrested for driving under the influence and turn signals required

India Clark, 21, b/f, disturbing the peace

Lorenzo Lynch, 36, b/m, arrested for simple assault, resisting an officer, and disturbing the peace

Billy Telsee, 40, b/m, arrested for possession of schedule II, possession of schedule I, and possession of marijuana


David Anderson, b/m, 32, 1410 Berry Ave., obstructing public passage, disturbing the peace, possession of CDS I.
Charles Demars Jr., b/mm, 45, 606 Sabine Alley, disturbing the peace by public intoxication, resisting an officer.
Jarvis Lashall Moore, b/m, 27,1214 Hill Ave., disturbing the peace by fighting.
Jelisia C. Johnson, b/f, 26, 1214 Hill Ave., disturbing the peace by fighting
Keydra Moss, b/f, 25, 329 Fairgrounds, disturbing the peace by fighting
Lysander Moss, b/f, 40, 843 Clarence Drive, disturbing the peace by fighting
Nicholas Whitaker, b/m, 2, 362 Mallard Hill Road, Robeline, FTA
Deshanna Sykes, b/f, 32, 1509 Gold St., resisting by flight, resisting an officer, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia
Destiny Babineaux, b/f, 23, 141 Gabriel Loop, FTA
Martino D. Telstead, b/m, 34, 117 Martin Drive, 2 counts FTA
Deon Coleman, b/m, 18, 515 Fairgrounds Road Lot 7, simple burglary, resisting an officer.
Lavunte Jackson, b/m, 19, 195 Bass St., Campti, possession of sch. II w/intent to distribute, illegal possession of stolen firearms, illegal possession of firearm, aggravated flight from an officer, resisting an officer, reckless operation, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Derek Lacaze Jr., b/m, 19, 298 Old Hwy 6 West, theft.
Brandon Bernstine, b/m, 30, 709 Kerry St., simple battery, simple criminal damage to property.
Nicholas Coutee, b/m, 19, 1309 Lake St., illegal carrying of a weapon, illegal possession of a stolen firearm.
Shomaria Roberson, b/m, 19, 1309 Lake St., illegal carrying of a weapon, possession of firearm with obliterated serial numbers.
Dominique Coutee, b/m, 21, 1309 Lake St., FTA.
Frederick Benjamin, b/m, 57, burglary of a business.
Felecia Carter, b/f, 33, 133 Beverly Rise, attempted second-degree murder, aggravated battery, resisting an officer.
Lakendria Bobb, b/f, 25, 7704 Brahma Drive, principal to aggravated battery.
Bernard Miles, b/m, 25, 1321 Lake St., 3 counts FTA
Shabresha Anderson, b/f, 23, 6604 Myrtle Drive, FTA


Isiah Hymes, b/m, 37, 915 MLK Drive, possession of CDS II (meth), possession of legend drug, second or subsequent offense.
Roshonda Lacour, b/f, 38,1317 Amulet St., criminal damage to property
Steven Raphiel, b/m, 24, 1815 South Drive, 4 counts FTA
Whitney Evans, b/f, 32, 122 Williams St., simple assault.
Danielle Taylor, b/f, 35, 1568 Sabine St., FTA
Ben Colbert, b/m, 55, 910 Levy St., simple kidnapping, aggravated flight, resisting an officer, 3 counts stop sign
Andre L. Sowell, b/m, 25, 210 Rowena St., simple burglary, simple criminal damage to property.
Darius Holmes, b/m, 40, 320 Pearl St., aggravated second-degree battery.
Milton Metoyer, b/m, 31, 123 Cat Island Road, Cloutierville, theft.
Alexis Baldwin, b/f, 24, 210 Stephens Ave Apt. D, illegal possession of stolen things.

Sharon Mitchell, b/f, 34, 319 Carver Ave., disturbing the peace.
Destiny Daniel, b/f, 22, 16 Pecan Court, disturbing the peace.
Roxanne Smith, b/f, 30, 333 E. 6th St., FTA
Quanterrik Williams, b/f, 23, 506 Sibley St., possession, general speed law, theft, contributing to delinquency of a juvenile, flight, no driver’s license.
Temika L. Payton, b/f, 43, 430 Howell St., FTA
Alphonso Dobins, b/m, 60, 129 South Bend, possession of sch. II, possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal trespass.
Presley Scallion, w/f, 20, warrant from Grant Parish
Damontriaze Turner, b/m, 19, 705 Bossier St., FTA
Gregory Burton Sr., b/m, 37, 2 counts domestic abuse battery.
Derily Tatum, b/m, 18, 1531 Mendel St., interference
Harold Remo, b/m, 31, 9343 Hwy 1 South, disturbing the peace.
David Winchester, b/m, 68, 318 Gay Village Road, theft, simple possession
Marquita Mitchell, b/f, 20,1414 Hwy 1 #701, FTA
Deorbre Matlock, b/m, 23, 18K South Drive Lot 1364, possession of firearm by felon, third or subsequent offense (CDS), illegal carrying of a weapon in presence of CDS, no signal, no drivers license.
La’Terrian Aught, b/m, 18, 8331 Hwy 1, Natchez, remaining
Malik D. Williams, b/m, 23, 114 Amanda Drive, theft of a motor vehicle, aggravated assault.
Brittany Washington, b/f, 28, 100 Lakeview Drive Apt. 203, theft.

charged with first-degree murder

Devon Johnson, b/m, 25, 145 Gabrielle Loop, possession of stolen firearm, possession of firearm by convicted felon.
Christine Charles, b/f, 43, 318 Winnona St., simple battery.
Billy Hatchet, b/m, 62, 500 N. St., Apt. N6, 2 counts FTA.
Cynthia Robinson, b/f, 45, 1122 Berry Ave., 2 counts FTA.
Monica Washington, b/f, 49, 808 Dixie, domestic abuse battery.
Ronnie White Hardison, b/m, 422 Scarborough, resisting an officer by force or violence, resisting, obstruction a public passage.
Dekarius Edwards, b/m, 35, 297 Paul Jordan Road, aggravated flight, CDS II w/intent, CDS IV, second offenses, 2 counts possession of CDS w/intent, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting, traffic.
Alexis Baldwin, b/f, 24, 423 Demeziere, possession of CDS II, obstructing, second or subsequent offense.
Summer Williams, b/f, 25, 100 Maria Lane, telephone harassment, damage to property.
Daniel Rocha, b/m, 25, 721 Brahma Drive, domestic abuse battery.
Mysti Bedgood, w/f, 29, 1025 Collins St., possession of sch. II, possession of drug paraphernalia.


Carl Johnson Jr., b/m, 21, 500 Lakeview Drive, aggravated arson.
Rocky Bruce, w/m, 34, 136 Parkside Landing, Doyline, 2 counts FTA
Donovan Solitaire, b/m, 19, 1223B Reba, discharging firearm in city limits.
Tony Preylo, b/m, 19, 140 Livingston, discharging firearm in city limits.
Julie Thomas, w/f, 43, 617 Jackson Drive, resisting an officer, battery of a police officer.
Robert E. Burr, b/m, 37, 220 Fairgrounds, trespassing.
Nigel Moses, b/m, 21, 1310 Lake St., reckless operation.
Temika Payton, b/f, 43, 430 Howell St., domestic abuse battery.
Chase Carey, b/m, 22, 218 Ralph St., FTA
Kadaija Jackson, b/f, 18, 1120 Magnolia St.
Ora Bell Lewis, b/f, 53, remaining
Trenton Law, b/m, 48, 320 Brickyard, FTA
Tommy Lee Jackson, b/m, 34, 421 July St., 2 counts FTA
Adrian Hill, b/m, 41, 1636 Sabine St., simple possession
Willie Harris, b/m, 64, 1403 Dixie St., obstruction of justice


Christina Simmons, b/f, 1403 Dixie St., battery on an officer, obstruction, domestic abuse battery, child endangerment.
John H. Dumars, b/m, 21, 128 Sycamore Circle, violation of a protective order, FTA


Major N. Fisher, b/m, 30, 224 Fulton Road, simple robbery, resisting an officer, criminal trespass.
Devon Ray Johnson, b/m, 25, 145 Gabrielle Loop, first-degree murder
Emily Moore, w/f, 45, 206 Blanchard Road, tracking devices prohibited.
Retravian Lewis, b/m, 21, 1124 Allen St., theft


Dewondrek Powell, b/m, 19, 106 Scott Drive, Winnfield, battery on an officer, resisting by force or violence, remaining, resisting
Michelle Washington, b/f, 43, 440 Fairgrounds Lot 13, theft.
Elizabeth Sawyer Bell, b/f, 51, 226 Johnson Loop, Natchez, theft, resisting, trespass, FTA


Jessica Shaw, w/f, 36, 38 Woodland Drive, Boyce, FTA
Bobby Ray Houston Jr., b/m, 43, 330 Keegan Drive, theft.
Tanner Moran, w/m, 23, 2888 Hwy 494, disturbing the peace by drunkenness
Quintraveious S. White, b/m, 18, 812 July St., resisting


Jackie Ray Johnson Jr., b/m, 19, 1506 Barclay Drive, theft of a firearm
Wayne Simmons, w/m, 47, 1300 Old Jefferson Hwy, Montgomery, FTA.