Parish assessed value increases $7.9 million


Total assessed value in Natchitoches Parish in 2019 has increased $7.9 million over 2018 according to the report from Assessor Dollie C. Mahoney to Parish Government at its Sept. 16 meeting.

The increase in assessed value means an increase in tax dollars to municipal government entities and higher taxes for property owners. The increase is partly due to increase in public service activity in the parish that includes electrical, telephone, cell towers and railroads and other utilities.

Public service assessment increased $1.1 million over 2018. Public service assessment took a turn up after the assessment in 2018 was down $2.1 million from 2017. Revenue in Road District #4, which includes the part of the parish outside the city, was up $24,957; general alimony tax inside the city up $3,798; general alimony outside the city up $17,896; courthouse maintenance up $22,093; library up $58,916; and health unit, up $22,093.

An alimony tax is a maintenance tax on property provided for parishes and municipalities in the State Constitution.

The assessor’s office is preparing tax notices with changes to stop Sept. 30. After the tax rolls are “locked” down, they are sent to Baton Rouge for approval by the State.

Then they are sent to the sheriff’s office that mails the notices, usually in October but no later than November. See chart on Page 3