Adoptable Spotlight: Skid


Loving companions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! This week’s adoptable spotlight might be heftier than past features, but he’s looking for a loving home just the same!

Meet Skid, an American Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Gelding Mustang. He is 12 years and 11 months old and has been at the Natchitoches Animal Control Shelter since early August. He has come a long way since being rescued and stationed at the shelter, and faculty works with him often to overcome his skittish nature. He would be well off with a horse trainer or even the rodeo business. If you are interested in giving Skid a fresh start at a new home, call (318) 357-3885 or email

Per USDI BLM the wild horse with U.S. Government Freezemark 04643102/Signal Key HG1AAACAB (Species Horse Gender: Gelding Face Whorls: 1 Leg RF: No White Leg. RH: No White Leg LF: No White Leg LR: Half Pastern Face: No Marking Color: Bay) This animal was captured from Pawhuska GPF (NMF90) BLM. Certificate of Title was issued Oct. 24, 2006.