Bobbie Moses Smith assists early voters at the Registrar of Voters office. Voters are using the new touch screen voting machines. Photo by Juanice Gray

Early voting is usually brisk for a general election and it was no exception for the Oct. 12 election. According to the daily report issued by Registrar of Voters Kathrin Holden, 1,074 people voted Saturday and Monday.

Registrar of Voters
Kathrin Holden

Here’s the breakdown:

552 whites; 429 blacks and 32 other race

500 males, 574 females

521 Democrats, 354 Republicans, 199 other party

1,022 in person, 52 absentee

Early voting continues through Saturday, Oct. 5 from 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. each day in the Registrar of Voters office on first floor of the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse. Present a photo ID.

As of Sunday morning 77,059 people voted Saturday, statewide, according to the Secretary of State.

It’s the second highest first day in history. In the November 2016 presidential contest, 87,066 voted the first day.