Just Talkin’ for Oct. 3, 2019


JT doesn’t like to take credit for an idea that isn’t his so he will pass this along after getting it from Pat Todd Jr., who got it from his buddy, Roy Fair. With all the interest in the City’s recreation park, Roy thinks it would be a good idea for the City to consider building a covered rodeo arena.

Roy says many folks in the area take their kids out of town to compete in rodeo events in covered arenas that are held, rain or shine, and are gaining popularity. Many are in Texas and the Red River Cowboy Church arena is doing a booming business. The expense certainly wouldn’t rival that of Parc Natchitoches and would be a big draw for the City.


JT heard the school board committee meeting Tuesday was something else. Dale Skinner was ready to write the pink slip for a bus driver after hearing from parents about the conditions on the bus. The entire board was “appalled” at what they heard. JT knows the complaints will be verified before the employee, who is not an ECCO Ride, but a school board diver, gets – or doesn’t get – the proverbial axe.

Parents said thier children were riding in a hot bus that didn’t have air conditioning and were not allowed to let the windows down.

Can you imagine how hot that metal box of a bus gets?

They also claimed the bus riders were not allowed to have bottled water on the bus. The comfort and safety of the children were obviously of utmost concern to all the board members and Skinner. Besides the conditions on the bus, the parents were disgruntled because the driver wasn’t picking up their children in the mornings nor in the afternoons. This is where ECCO comes into play.

They should be aware when drivers aren’t doing their jobs and should have enough drivers on staff to fill the gaps. (period) JT agrees with the board there should be NO gaps when it comes to transporting children who rely on buses. No excuses! Staff shortage, people quittin, people just not showing up are issues in every business.

JT thinks there should be enough of a driver “pool” to cover every route on any given day.

In the old west, cowboys had a large enough remuda of horses to make a trail drive and they did it without all the means of modern day technology available today.