Chiefs return to Shreveport for a district matchup against the Byrd Yellow Jackets

#4 Colby Raupp runs the ball off a jet sweep

By LeRon Massey, Times Intern

In a game featuring more rain than Hurricane Harvey, you’ll find out what a team is really made of. The old saying goes, “If you want to improve as a football team during the course of a season, it starts one game at a time.”

Going into their fourth straight away game the Natchitoches Central Chiefs were in need of a big road win the week before homecoming to propel them to a 1-1 record in district. The Chiefs travelled to Shreveport to face the Byrd Yellow Jackets.

The Chiefs first drive started out amazing with a 23 yard run from Rodney Robinson and a 22 yard run from Caylin Demars quickly moving the ball from NCHS 20 to Byrd’s 29-yard line. On the assuming play, Robinson fumbles the ball giving the Yellow Jacket offense a chance to score.

On third down, Jaiden Hare gets a huge tackle for loss forcing a fourth down punt ….

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