Tiger’s Homecoming dance takes place in Grant end-zone


By Trent Friedel, exclusive to the Times 

If you harken back to that science class in middle school, you may recall the scientific classification of animals. You know, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family etcetera. The Tiger is of the carnivora order and the Felidae family.

Or you may say a meat-eating cat.

Well, Saint Mary’s Tigers were the big cat that ate Cougar last Friday night for their pre-homecoming dance dinner.

The Tigers regained junior QB Andrew Godfrey for this game after being out several weeks with a wrist injury on his non-throwing hand. That was a welcome addition, but the battle of the big Tigers was the running duo of Jordan White and Noah Heard.

Saint Mary’s began the game receiving the opening kick from the Grant Cougars. The opening drive started on the Tiger 34. Run, pass, run is all it would take for the Tigers…

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